Online Mo Dice Divination

Do not take the Online Mo Dice lightly, this is not a simple practice, it has sacred meaning.

Performing Mo divination is not as simple as just tossing the dice and making a wish. Engaging with this rich divination tradition requires preparing your spirit and carefully formulating your question in order to achieve the best possible results.

Preparing for Mo Dice Divination

Before touching the Mo Dice at all, Buddhist faith leaders recommend preparing your spirit through meditation. Reciting Manjushri’s mantra, the one which has become the foundation of Mo divination, along with verses in his honor will allow you to call on the wisdom of this great bodhisattva as you cast your divination. Recite Manjushri’s mantra three to seven times. Another helpful mantra is the mantra of Interdependent Origin, which you can recite in the auspicious numbers of one, three, or seven times. Relying on these mantras helps prepare your spirit for the divinatory wisdom that you are about to receive.

Before casting the Mo Dice, be sure that you have a strong, specific question in mind. You usually cannot ask about multiple things at once in the same question, it muddies the waters of wisdom that you will receive. Once you have formulated your question, there are different ways to proceed. Some practitioners choose to ask about several different choices with regards to a situation and use Mo to figure out which one has the most favorable outcome. Others make sure to throw the Mo Dice multiple times about the same question to make sure that the answer is firm.

The last step before casting your Mo dice is blowing on them. This transfers the power of the mantras you have recited into the dice. Then, you toss the dice one by one, recording the order of the symbols, and use them to answer your question. The same approach can be applied to Online Mo Dice Divination: just before casting you should blow on your phone or laptop screen, and when you're ready, press the button to roll Mo Dice. Online Mo Dice Divination GotoHoroscope

Traditional use of Mo Dice Divination

While Tibetans use six-sided dice printed with the characters of Mo divination, those can be hard to find elsewhere. If for some reason you do not want to use the online version of the Mo Dice then, in that case, you can use a regular six-sided dice with numbers. The numbers and Mo symbols match up as follows:

Six = AH

Two = RA

Three = PA

Five = TSA

Four = NA

One = DHI

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Mo Divination 2023-11-28 17:55:02
Mo dice divination, also known as "Mo" (མོ་ in Tibetan) or "Mo divination", is a traditional Tibetan method of divination that uses dice or other random indicators to give prognostications or spiritual insight. It is particularly associated with Tibetan Buddhism and the practices found within this religious tradition.

Divination in Tibetan culture is deeply embedded in everyday decision-making and spiritual practice. It is often used as a means to make decisions about travel, medical treatments, and other life events, especially when uncertainty is present. Although divination practices can take many forms in Tibetan culture, Mo is one of the more accessible and commonly used methods.

Here's how Mo dice divination typically works:
1. Preparation: The individual or lama (Tibetan Buddhist teacher) performing the divination will often start with prayers and meditations to clear the mind and invoke spiritual guidance.
2. Question: The person seeking guidance will have a specific question or area of concern in mind.
3. Divination Tool: In Mo divination, dice are the most common tool. The dice might have inscriptions on them related to Tibetan spiritual figures or symbols.
4. Casting the Dice: The individual will then "cast" or roll the dice while focusing on their question or concern.
5. Interpretation: The outcome of the dice roll is interpreted according to traditional understandings of the numbers or symbols that appear. This interpretation is based on a combination of Tibetan numerology, Buddhist teachings, and sometimes specific divination texts, which include prescribed meanings for various results.
6. Resolution: The wisdom or advice given is then reflected upon, and the seeker might choose a course of action based on the Mo reading.

The use of Mo divination is not limited to lamas; laypeople also use it. While some people use it for relatively mundane decisions, others reserve it for more significant or spiritual concerns. It is one aspect of the broader Tibetan Buddhist belief in interconnectedness, where seemingly random events are part of a larger, divinely influenced tapestry of life.

Accuracy in Mo divination, like any form of divination, is a matter of belief. Practitioners believe that through Mo, they gain insights driven by a force greater than chance. Skeptics might attribute accurate outcomes to coincidence or the psychological effect of interpreting general advice in a way that seems personally meaningful.

People who are deeply respectful of Tibetan culture and its spiritual practices might consult Mo divination in concert with other decision-making tools when they are faced with a dilemma or seeking spiritual guidance.
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