Online Dice Fortune Telling

The dice used for divination are definitely one of the oldest divination tools ever used by man.

The Online Dice Fortune Telling is a completely new divination system based on the ancient tradition of using dice for foretelling the fate of the inquirer. Here you can get an instant answer to the most pressing question that worries you right at this moment! Wait no longer, Dice Fortune Telling is easy to use, precise, and best of all it is free.

Each prediction consists of a simple explanation with an image giving a quick glance at what is happening. The second part of the prediction consists of a detailed explanation of the meaning of the dropped dice combination: for the physical reality that awaits you in the future, as well as the forecast of your inner worldview. Online Dice Fortune Telling GotoHoroscope

Preparing for Dice fortune telling

Before you start fortune-telling, you should relax and clear your mind of all thoughts as much as possible. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Opening your mind to the possibility that you have more influence than you think. Be clear about your question. Concentrate on it until it becomes the only thought in your mind, after you achieve that Click to Roll Dice.

Note: Don't be discouraged if you fail to achieve this state on the first try. Mental concentration takes practice.

Throwing the Dice

Throwing the Dice for Fortune Telling GotoHoroscope

It is best to throw the dice with your left hand. Even with online dice system, it's better to throw the dice with your left hand. Why? This is a tradition. In the past, people believed that the left hand could not influence the outcome of the dice roll. The fact is that the left hand is most often a less skillful hand, its movements are less controlled by the human mind, and therefore it expresses the will of the gods.

What Questions may I ask the Dice?

Yes or No. The question could be as simple as Yes or No. Each combination of dice corresponds to the answer "Yes" or "No" to your question. But even if you limit yourself to such an answer, we advise you to read the prediction in full. Life is not linear and therefore any events related to human problems have more than one solution.

The case with which you refer to the Dice can be absolutely anything. This can involve personal issues, a pressing or disturbing situation that you can't stop thinking about. Let's imagine that you are going on a first date with a stranger, or for example you have a difficult business meeting. In both events, you have a poor idea of the outcome. But the Dice can predict the atmosphere of an upcoming event, help you understand and work out the details. By being prepared you will not be caught out of the blue by any surprises.

Go ahead and roll the Dice!

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