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Dream Dictionary, Interpretation of Dreams: Attraction, Attack, Auction, Australia, Automobile, Apology, Apocalypse

Dream Dictionary Attraction Dream Dictionary Attraction

Having dreams about someone that you are infatuated with is by no means something that can only happen when you are young. When you dream of someone that you are attracted to or dream that you are attracted to someone that you might not normally be attracted to, this can mean something very important. To understand that meaning, continue reading.

Dream Dictionary Attack Dream Dictionary Attack

You do not dream of an attack for no reason, and attacks of any kind are a major deal. You would do well to pay attention to this dream so that you can decide what the true meaning of it is and what significance it has on your waking life. Read on to find out some of the most common interpretations of dreams about attacks and what they might say about you.

Dream Dictionary Auction Dream Dictionary Auction

The auction can mean completely opposing things depending on the life experiences of the person that is having the dream. Generally when having your dream interpreted, you will know which meaning is the most correct, but it might require a bit of soul searching in order to get things just right. Understand all of the definitions mentioned here and see which one relates to your life the best. The one with the most relevance is going to be the one that is most correct for you.

Dream Dictionary Australia Dream Dictionary Australia

For someone that lives there or someone that goes there regularly for one reason or another, it would be fairly obvious why they would have the country of kangaroos and koalas on their mind, but for a non native or someone that does not have much experience with Australia, it is always interesting why you might have dreamed about it. If you have dreamed of Australia recently you can find out what this means about your life here.

Dream Dictionary Automobile Dream Dictionary Automobile

No matter where you live, if you are reading this and are in a place where there is internet access, then chances are, there are at least a few automobiles on the streets outside every minute or so. If you are in an area that is industrialized enough to have internet access, then you definitely see automobiles every day. The automobile is such a routine item, a routine symbol, which we have grown numb to what it means when we see them in a dream. But the automobile can have an important meaning as a dream symbol, and that is all noted here.

Dream Dictionary Apology Dream Dictionary Apology

You apologize to someone when you have wronged them in waking life, however, it can be hard for them to judge whether your apology is sincere or not and it can be hard for you to judge whether they are actually accepting your apology when they say that they have. The hardest part of saying I'm sorry is that it can't undo anything that you did in the first place to make your friend so angry. But what does an apology mean when it appears in your dreams? Find out here.

Dream Dictionary Apocalypse Dream Dictionary Apocalypse

In the days of yore, when someone had a dream about the apocalypse, there would be serious reforms made just based on the single vision. Even if this vision was not seen by someone with much power in the ancient society, if word of it was passed up to the higher ups, major courses would be taken to change what was going on in the kingdom all based on that one report. Dreams of the apocalypse were once regarded as very highly and were treated with extreme importance. But what do dreams like this mean today and how are they interpreted now that we understand dreams better? Find out here.

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