Saving a Black Cat's Life Dream Interpretation


I had a dream that I saved a black cat. It was stuck in a gallon of water I was looking at it going up and down in that gallon I thought it was fine but then the water disappeared and the cat was in there looking back at me with its light blue eyes so I came back to my senses and helped it out of the gallon. As soon as the cat was free it jumped in my arms and I noticed that her fur was braided from the back of its head to the tip of its tail. meaning?

Water represents the depths—whether shallow or deep, and the volume and power of one's emotional stance in life. A gallon of water is a particularly low vol-ume source to work with, which means that your emotions are fairly well tamed and in control. Cats are powerful spirit guides that offer protection and an outlet to mysticism you might not yet have accessed. We will observe symbols from your dream including the black cat, saving the cat's life, the gallon of water, light blue eyes and eye contact, helping the cat escape from the gallon of water, the braid in the cat's hair, and the safe retrieval of the cat in your arms.

Black cat: The black cat can represent everything in you which is perceptive, connected to universal flow, and distinctly aware of what you need at any given moment. It is astute, quick-witted, self-sufficient, and determined to get after whatever meets its wants, needs, or desires. They can indicate either good or bad luck depending on the context of the dream. In this case, the appearance of the black cat is very fortuitous because you restore it to life. Since black is a color of great change and transformation/renewal, the cat is restoring something to life inside your consciousness that will be very helpful to you.

Saving the cat's life: To save the life of a spirit animal when it appears to you in a dream is to restore life to an aspect of your consciousness or identity which has fallen by the wayside, or otherwise gone unnourished and unnoticed. Cats are feminine in nature and very intuitive and magical. It could be that you have lost touch with your feminine and intuitive nature, and the cat being in need of resus-citation means that this part of yourself wishes to return to full force in your life.

Gallon of Water: The gallon of water is indicative of the level of emotion you are pouring into this situation, which is very low. This means that there is little cause for alarm because your emotions are largely in check and in control.

Light Blue Eyes/Eye Contact: Light blue is the color of softness, perception, and intuition. It is also a color of limitlessness and infinity, because it represents clear skies.

Helping the cat escape from the water: To dream of helping the cat escape from the water, and in so doing save its life, is to dream of restoring power to an aspect of your consciousness and identity which was flatlining until you took action.

Braid in the cat's hair: Braids are a symbol of order, preciseness, an organization. These could be the very qualities that the cat represents which you need to fur-ther nourish and restore to power within yourself.

Safe Retrieval of cat in your arms: The happy ending of you safely retrieving the cat in your arms indicates that these powers and gifts of insight, intuition, independ-ence, organization, and balance will all return to you.

The aspects of these dream sequences all combine to show you that you have recently lost touch with your intuition, feminine side, or your capacity for balance, order, and organization. When you took the initiative to rescue the cat and re-trieve it before it drowned in the gallon of water, you literally took back your sense of self, your power, and your control over your emotions. This naturally re-stores order and organization to your life, which ultimately return to you in the dream after you safely retrieve the cat.

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