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  • Proverb Source: African proverb [1] [2]

    Wise Sayings


    The day the monkey is destined to die, all the trees get slippery.
    Source: African proverb
    The egg shows the hen where to hatch.
    Source: African proverb
    The end of an ox is beef, and the end of a lie is grief.
    Source: African proverb
    The fool speaks, the wise man listens.
    Source: African proverb
    The fool sucks wisdom, as he porter sups, And cobblers grow fine speakers in their cups.
    Source: African proverb
    The lion does not turn around when a small dog barks.
    Source: African proverb
    To try and to fail is not laziness.
    Source: African proverb
    Two birds disputed about a kernel, when a third swooped down and carried it off.
    Source: African proverb
    African proverb [1] [2]