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    Wise Sayings


    Slow in word, swift in deed.

    Source: Chinese
    Sma' winnings mak a heavy purse.

    Source: Chinese
    Small ills are the fountains of most of our groans. Men trip not on mountains, they stumble on stones.

    Source: Chinese
    Small men think they are small; great men never know they are great.

    Source: Chinese
    So long as a man is angry he cannot be in the right.

    Source: Chinese
    So lovers, to their fair one fondly blind, E'en on her ugliness with transport gaze.

    Category: Philosophical Source: Chinese
    Some prefer carrots while others like cabbage.

    Category: Food Source: Chinese
    Some roads aren't meant to be travelled alone.

    Category: Philosophical Source: Chinese
    Sorrow is the child of too much joy.

    Category: Philosophical Source: Chinese
    Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, all must be tasted.

    Category: Philosophical Source: Chinese
    Steal a bell with one's ears covered.

    Source: Chinese
    Swiftest horse cannot overtake the word once spoken.

    Category: Animals Source: Chinese
    Take a second look; it costs you nothing.
    Category: Philosophical Source: Chinese
    Talk does not cook rice.

    Category: Philosophical Source: Chinese
    Teaching others teacheth yourself.

    Source: Chinese
    Temptation wrings integrity even as the thumbscrew twists a man's fingers.

    Source: Chinese
    Thatch your roof before rainy weather, dig your well before you become parched with thirst.

    Source: Chinese
    The best cure for drunkenness is whilst sober to observe a drunken person.
    Source: Chinese
    The best doctors are Dr. Diet, Dr, Quiet, and Dr. Merryman.
    Source: Chinese
    The best memory is not so firm as faded ink.

    Source: Chinese
    The best soldiers are not warlike.

    Category: War Source: Chinese
    The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.
    Category: Philosophical Source: Chinese
    The black dog gets the food; the white dog gets the blame.

    Category: Animals Source: Chinese
    The broad-minded see the truth in different religions; the narrow-minded see only the differences.

    Source: Chinese
    The careful foot can walk anywhere.
    Category: Wisdom Source: Chinese
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