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  • Proverb Source: Ghanaian

    Wise Sayings


    If you are hiding, don't light a fire.
    Category: Common sense Source: Ghanaian
    A crab does not beget a bird.

    Source: Ghanaian
    A cracked bell can never sound well.

    Source: Ghanaian
    By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed.

    Source: Ghanaian
    Do not call the forest that shelters you a jungle.

    Source: Ghanaian
    Fire and gunpowder do not sleep together.

    Source: Ghanaian
    Hate has no medicine.

    Source: Ghanaian
    Hunger is felt by a slave and hunger is felt by a king.

    Source: Ghanaian
    If there were no elephant in the jungle, the buffalo would be a great animal.

    Source: Ghanaian
    If things are getting easier, maybe you're headed downhill.

    Source: Ghanaian
    It is the calm and silent water that drowns a man.

    Source: Ghanaian
    It is the fool's sheep that break loose twice.

    Source: Ghanaian
    No one tests the depth of the river with both feet.

    Source: Ghanaian
    One camel does not make fun of another camel's hump.

    Source: Ghanaian
    One falsehood spoils a thousand truths.

    Source: Ghanaian
    Only when you have crossed the river can you say the crocodile has a lump on his snout.

    Source: Ghanaian
    Rain wets a leopard's skin, but it does not wash out the spots.

    Source: Ghanaian
    The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people.

    Source: Ghanaian
    Two small antelopes can beat a big one.

    Source: Ghanaian
    When a man is coming toward you, you need not say, "Come here."

    Source: Ghanaian
    When a man is wealthy he may wear an old cloth.

    Source: Ghanaian
    When a man's coat is threadbare, it is easy to pick a hole in it.

    Source: Ghanaian
    When the cock is drunk, he forgets about the hawk.

    Source: Ghanaian