Wise Sayings: Letter B

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    Wise Sayings


    Better die ten years early than live ten years poor.

    Category: Wisdom Source: Chinese
    Better do a kindness near home than go far to burn incense.

    Category: Wisdom Source: Chinese
    Better envy than pity.

    Source: German
    Better fifty enemies outside the house than one within.

    Source: Irish
    Better free in a foreign land than a serf at home.

    Source: German
    Better give nothing than stolen alms.

    Source: German
    Better give than not to have to give.

    Source: Italian
    Better give the wool than the sheep.

    Source: Italian
    Better go about than be drowned.

    Source: Spanish
    Better go about than fall into the ditch.

    Source: Spanish
    Better go round than be drowned.

    Source: Portuguese
    Better go than send.
    Category: Wisdom Source: Chinese
    Better go to heaven in rags than to hell in embroidery.

    Category: Wisdom Source: Chinese
    Better go without medicine than call in an unskilled physician.

    Source: Japanese
    Better half a loaf than none at all.

    Source: Danish
    Better have a dog for your friend than your enemy.

    Source: Dutch
    Better have an egg to-day than a hen to-morrow.

    Source: Italian
    Better have friends in the market-place than money in your coffer.

    Source: Portuguese
    Better have one bee than a host of flies.

    Source: Italian
    Better have to give than have to beg.

    Source: Portuguese
    Better in an old carriage than in a new ship.

    Source: Danish
    Better is a leap over the ditch than the entreaties of good men.

    Source: Portuguese
    Better is an enemy to good.

    Source: German
    Better is better.

    Source: German
    Better is my neighbour's hen than mine.

    Source: Portuguese
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