Wise Sayings: Letter C

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  • Pride
  • Opportunity
  • Beauty
  • Wisdom
  • Luck
  • Friendship
  • Self-reliance
  • Revolution
  • Conscience
  • Attitude
  • Children
  • Truth
  • The conduct of life
  • Journeys
  • Permanence and change

  • Unknown
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  • Jonathan Swift
  • Sir Leslie Stephen
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Miguel de Cervantes
  • Aesop
  • R Forby
  • Desiderius Erasmus
  • Sir Thomas More
  • J Bridges
  • James Ray
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • William Hone
  • John Heywood

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    Wise Sayings


    Come live with me and you'll know me.

    Source: Spanish
    Come what may, time and hour runs through the roughest day.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Comes in at the end with a wet sail.

    Source: Spanish
    Coming events cast their shadow before.

    Source: Spanish
    Command your wealth, else that will command you.

    Source: Spanish
    Common fame is seldom to blame.

    Source: German
    Common fame seldom lies.

    Source: Dutch
    Common Goods, no goods.

    Source: Dutch
    Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes.
    Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Common sense is not so common.
    Category: Common sense Source: French
    Communities begin by building their kitchen.

    Source: French
    Company in distress makes trouble less.

    Source: French
    Compare your griefs with other men's and they will seem less.

    Source: Spanish
    Comparison is not proof.

    Source: French
    Compete not with a friend.

    Source: Latin
    Compete, don't envy.
    Source: Arabian Proverb
    Compliments cost nothing, yet many pay dear for them.

    Source: German
    Conceal not your secret from your friend, or you deserve to lose him.

    Source: Portuguese
    Concealed goodness is a sort of vice.

    Source: Portuguese
    Confess and be hanged.

    Source: Portuguese
    Confessed faults are half mended.

    Source: Scottish
    Confession is good for the soul.

    Source: Scottish
    Confession is good for the soul.
    Source: Scottish Proverb
    Confession is the first step to repentance.

    Source: English Proverb
    Confide a secret to a dumb man and he will speak.

    Source: Russian
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