Wise Sayings: Letter F

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    Wise Sayings


    Fresh port and new wine, send a Christian to the churchyard. (Kill a man before his time.)

    Source: Spanish
    Friar Modest never was a prior.

    Source: Italian
    Friday pretexts for not fasting (meaning pleas of indisposition for not eating fish.)

    Source: Spanish
    Friend, do not try to borrow combs from shaven monks.
    Category: Friends Source: Chinese
    Friends and mules fail us at hard passes.

    Source: Portuguese
    Friends are flowers in the garden of life.

    Source: Portuguese
    Friends are God's way of taking care of us.
    Category: Friendship Author: Unknown
    Friends are known in adversity.

    Source: Portuguese
    Friends become foes, and foes are reconciled.

    Source: Latin
    Friends have all things in common.

    Source: Latin
    Friends in need are friends indeed.

    Source: Italian
    Friends may meet, but mountains never greet.

    Source: Italian
    Friends tie their purses with a spider's web.

    Source: Italian
    Friendship broken may be soldered, but never made whole.

    Source: Spanish
    Friendship increases by visiting friends but visiting seldom.
    Category: Friendship Author: Ben Franklin
    Friendship is one mind in two bodies.
    Category: Friendship Author: Mencius
    Friendship lasts as long as the pot boils.

    Source: Latin
    Friendship should be unpicked, not rent.

    Source: Italian
    Friendships are cheap when they can be brought by doffing the hat.

    Source: Italian
    Frightened at bugbears.

    Source: Italian
    From a bad paymaster take straw--i.e. any trifle.

    Source: Italian
    From a closed door the devil turns away.

    Source: Portuguese
    From a fallen tree, all make kindling.

    Source: Spanish
    From a praying young man, and a fasting old man, God preserve my cloak.

    Source: Spanish
    From a pure source pure water comes.

    Source: Latin
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