Wise Sayings: Letter G

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  • Permanence and change

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    Wise Sayings


    God save you from a man who has but one business.

    Source: French
    God saves the moon from the wolves.

    Source: French
    God sends cold according to the clothes.

    Source: Italian
    God sends enough to all.

    Source: Latin
    God sends meat, but the Devil sends cooks.

    Source: Latin
    God sends men cold according to their clothes.

    Source: Danish
    God sends nothing but what can be borne.

    Source: Italian
    God sent him meat, but the devil cooked it.

    Source: Dutch
    God take you, pound (of flax), drunk out and not yet spun.

    Source: Spanish
    God visits us, but most of the time we are not at home.

    Source: French
    God wanted to chastise mankind, so he sent lawyers.

    Source: Russian
    God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.
    Author: Unknown
    God will be present, whether asked or not.

    Source: Latin
    God will listen to you whatever cloak you wear.

    Source: Spanish
    God will provide, but a good bundle of straw will not be amiss.

    Source: Spanish
    God writes straight with crooked lines.

    Source: Spanish
    God's friends, the priest's foe.
    Source: German
    God's work is soon done.

    Source: French
    God, healeth, and the physician hath the thanks.

    Source: Spanish
    Going beyond is as bad as falling short.
    Category: Balance and moderation Source: Chinese
    Gold and silver are mingled with dirt, till avarice parted them.

    Source: Chinese
    Gold does not buy everything.

    Source: Italian
    Gold goes in at any gate.
    Source: German
    Gold has its price; learning is beyond price.

    Source: Chinese
    Gold is gold, though it be in a rogue's purse.

    Source: Danish
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