Wise Sayings: Letter G

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    Wise Sayings


    Go to bed with the lamb, and rise with the lark.

    Source: Spanish
    Go to bed without supper, you will rise without debt.

    Source: Portuguese
    Go to friends for advice; to women for pity; to strangers for charity; to relatives for nothing.

    Source: Spanish
    Go to the law for a sheep and lose your cow.

    Source: German
    Go to the sea if you would fish well.

    Source: Italian
    Go to your aunt's house, but not every day.

    Source: Spanish
    Go to your rich friend's house when invited; to your poor friend's without invitation.

    Source: Portuguese
    God alone understands fools.

    Source: French
    God and man think him a fool who brags of his of his own great wisdom.

    Source: French
    God comes at last, when we think he is farthest off.

    Source: Danish
    God cometh with leaden feet, but striketh with iron hands.

    Source: Danish
    God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.

    Source: Jewish
    God created a world full of little worlds.

    Source: Yiddish
    God cures the sick, and the doctor gets the money.

    Source: German
    God cures, and the doctor takes the fee.

    Source: Spanish
    God defend you from the devil, the eye of a harlot, and the turn of a die.

    Source: Spanish
    God delays but doesn't forget.

    Source: Spanish
    God did not create hurry.
    Category: Balance and moderation Source: Finnish
    God did not create woman from man's head, that he should command her, nor from his feet, that she should be his slave, but rather from his side, that she should be near his heart.

    Source: Hebrew
    God does not give to the cow that butts.

    Source: Russian
    God does not pay weekly, but pays at the end.

    Source: Dutch
    God does not smite with both hands.

    Source: Spanish
    God gave teeth; He will give bread.

    Source: Lithuanian
    God gave us music that we might pray without words.
    Author: Unknown
    God gave us the nuts but he doesn't crack them.
    Source: German Proverb
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