Wise Sayings: Letter G

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    Wise Sayings


    Give advice; if people don't listen, let adversity teach them.

    Source: Ethiopian
    Give an ass oats and he runs after thistles.

    Source: Dutch
    Give an extra piece of cake to a stepchild.
    Category: Parenting and children Source: Korean
    Give and take is fair play.

    Source: Dutch
    Give assistance not advice in a crisis.
    Category: Advice Author: Aesop
    Give assistance, and receive thanks lighter than a feather: injure a man, and his wrath will be like lead.

    Source: Latin
    Give at first asking what you safely can; 'tis certain gain to help an honest man.

    Source: Dutch
    Give credit where credit is due.
    Author: M Floy
    Give ear and weigh the matter well.

    Source: Latin
    Give ear to that man who has four ears.

    Source: Latin
    Give even an onion graciously.

    Source: Afghan
    Give even an onion, graciously.
    Category: Generosity Source: Afghan
    Give every man his due.

    Source: Afghan
    Give every man thy ear but few thy voice.
    Author: Unknown
    Give good and get good.
    Category: Generosity Source: Estonian
    Give him a foot and he'll take four.

    Source: French
    Give him an inch, he'll take an ell.

    Source: Dutch
    Give him your finger and he will seize your hand.

    Source: Dutch
    Give me a seat, and I will make myself room to lie down.

    Source: Spanish
    Give me money, not advice.

    Source: Portuguese
    Give me the ass that carries me in preference to the horse that throws me.

    Source: Spanish
    Give me the rhubarb and you may take the senna.

    Source: French
    Give neither advice nor salt, until you are asked for it.

    Source: English Proverb
    Give neither counsel nor salt till you are asked for it.

    Source: English Proverb
    Give nine, save ten.

    Source: Kurdish
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