Wise Sayings: Letter H

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    Wise Sayings


    He will never worship well the image on the altar who knew it when it was a trunk of wood in the garden.

    Source: Spanish
    He will not lose his oats for want of braying.

    Source: French
    He will not lost the parings of his nails.

    Source: French
    He won't give us so much as the skin.

    Source: Latin
    He would be a good one to send for death.

    Source: Italian
    He would break his neck against a straw.

    Source: Italian
    He would drown in a spoonful of water.

    Source: Italian
    He would not give the devil a knife to cut his throat.

    Source: Italian
    He would sell even his share of the sun.

    Source: Italian
    He would skin a flint.

    Source: Italian
    He would slaughter a bug to drink its blood.

    Source: Italian
    He writes with an iron pen. [That which he writes will not be easily altered.]

    Source: Latin
    He'd skin a louse, and send the hide and fat to market.

    Source: Latin
    He'll laugh well that laughs longest.

    Source: French
    He'll swear through an inch board.

    Source: French
    He's a fool that's fond.

    Source: French
    He's a friend at sneezing-time--the most that can be got from him is a "God bless you."

    Source: Italian
    He's a wise man that leads passion by the bridle.

    Source: Italian
    He's an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers.

    Source: Italian
    He, who denies his faults, makes no atonement for them.

    Source: Latin
    He, who kennels with wolves, must howl.

    Source: French
    He, who more than he is worth doth spend, E'en makes a rope, his life to end.

    Source: French
    He, who neglects the little, loses the greater.

    Source: Latin
    He, who shareth honey with the bear, hath the least part of it.

    Source: Latin
    Health and cheerfulness make beauty; finery and cosmetics cost money and lie.

    Source: Spanish
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