Wise Sayings: Letter L

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    Wise Sayings


    Like father, like son.

    Source: Portuguese
    Like father, like son.
    Source: Asian Proverb
    Like king, like law; like law, like people.

    Source: Portuguese
    Like likes like.

    Source: Latin
    Like lips, like lettuce.

    Source: Italian
    Like mistress, like maid.

    Source: Latin
    Like mother, like daughter.

    Source: Latin
    Like plays best with like.

    Source: Danish
    Like pot, like cover.

    Source: Dutch
    Like priest, like people.

    Source: Latin
    Like prince, like people.

    Source: Latin
    Like saint like incense.

    Source: French
    Like saint like offering.

    Source: Italian
    Like seeks like--a scabbed horse and a sandy dike.

    Source: Danish
    Like to like, Jack to Gill, a penny a pair.

    Source: Dutch
    Like well like bucket.

    Source: Italian
    Like will to like, as the devil said to the collier.

    Source: Italian
    Like will to like, be they poor or rich.

    Source: Dutch
    Limit your inquiry after knowledge.

    Source: Latin
    Limping justice ne'er will fail To hunt out the longest trail.

    Source: Latin
    Link by link the coat of mail is made.

    Source: French
    Lion-skins were never had cheap.

    Source: French
    Lions in time of peace; deer in war.

    Source: Latin
    Lip courtesy avails much and costs little.

    Source: Spanish
    Lip courtesy pleases much and costs little.

    Source: Italian
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