Wise Sayings: Letter L

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    Wise Sayings


    Let but the hours of idleness cease, and the bow of Cupid will become broken and his torch extinguished.

    Source: Latin
    Let bygones be bygones.
    Author: Christina Georgina Rossetti
    Let deeds match words.

    Source: Danish
    Let each man do his best.

    Source: Latin
    Let every bird sing its own note.

    Source: Danish
    Let every fox take care of his own tail.

    Source: Italian
    Let every man have his due.

    Source: Latin
    Let every man look to the bread upon which he must depend.

    Source: Portuguese
    Let every man mind his own business, and leave others to theirs.

    Source: Portuguese
    Let every man mind his own business.

    Source: Spanish
    Let every man praise the bridge he goes over.

    Source: English Proverb
    Let every one be content with what God has given him.

    Source: Portuguese
    Let every one keep off the flies with his own tail.

    Source: Italian
    Let every one look to himself, and no one will be lost.

    Source: Dutch
    Let every one mind his own business, and the cows will be well tended.

    Source: French
    Let every one sweep before his own door.

    Source: German
    Let every pedlar carry his own pack.

    Source: German
    Let every sheep hand by its own leg.

    Source: Portuguese
    Let every sheep hang by it own foot.

    Source: Spanish
    Let every tub stand on its own bottom.

    Source: Spanish
    Let everyone pick his own nose.

    Source: Russian
    Let God's waters run over God's acres.

    Source: Dutch
    Let him bear the prize, who has deserved it.

    Source: Latin
    Let him eat the tough morsel who eat the tender.

    Source: Portuguese
    Let him make use of instinct who cannot make use of reason.

    Source: English Proverb
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