Wise Sayings: Letter M

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    Wise Sayings


    Much kindred, much trouble.

    Source: French
    Much laughter, little wit.

    Source: Portuguese
    Much law, but little justice.

    Source: Portuguese
    Much meat, much maladies.

    Source: Portuguese
    Much memory and little judgment.

    Source: French
    Much money, much friends.

    Source: German
    Much noise and little wool, said the devil, when he was shearing the sow.

    Source: Danish
    Much smoke, and little roast.

    Source: Italian
    Much straw and little corn.

    Source: Portuguese
    Much talk little work.

    Source: Dutch
    Much talking, much erring.

    Source: Spanish
    Much taste, much waste.

    Source: German
    Much water passes by the mill that the miller perceives not.

    Source: Italian
    Much water runs by while the miller sleeps.

    Source: Danish
    Much wisdom is lost in poor men's mouths.

    Source: German
    Much wisdom is smothered in a poor man's head.

    Source: Dutch
    Much wit is lost in a poor man's purse.

    Source: German
    Much worship, much cost.

    Source: French
    Much would have more, and lost all.

    Source: French
    Much would have more.

    Source: French
    Muddy springs will have muddy streams.

    Source: French
    Muddy water won't do for a mirror.

    Source: Italian
    Mules help to scratch each other. [The bad commend each other.]

    Source: Latin
    Mules make a great fuss about their ancestors having been horses.

    Source: German
    Murder will out.

    Source: German
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