Wise Sayings: Letter N

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    Wise Sayings


    Nothing is had for nothing.

    Source: French
    Nothing is haste but catching flies.

    Source: Dutch
    Nothing is ill said if it is not ill taken.

    Source: Italian
    Nothing is impossible to a willing mind.

    Source: French
    Nothing is impossible to the willing heart.
    Author: John Heywood
    Nothing is lost on a journey by stopping to pray or to feed your horse.

    Source: Spanish
    Nothing is more contagious than a bad example.

    Source: French
    Nothing is more easily blotted out than a good turn.

    Source: French
    Nothing is more foolish than to dabble in too many things.

    Source: Latin
    Nothing is more humiliating than when a reproach recoils on the head or him who utters it.

    Source: Latin
    Nothing is more like an honest man than a rogue.

    Source: French
    Nothing is more ridiculous or troublesome than mere ceremony.

    Source: French
    Nothing is so burdensome as a secret.

    Source: French
    Nothing is so clean as a fish.

    Source: Welsh
    Nothing is so liberally given as advice.

    Source: French
    Nothing is so new as what has long been forgotten.

    Source: German
    Nothing is so new but it has happened before.

    Source: Danish
    Nothing looks more like a man of sense than a fool who holds his tongue.

    Source: German
    Nothing passes between asses but kicks.

    Source: Italian
    Nothing prevails against wealth.

    Source: Latin
    Nothing remains constant except change itself.
    Author: Unknown
    Nothing seems expensive on credit.
    Category: Indebtedness Source: Czech
    Nothing should be done in a hurry except catching fleas.

    Source: German
    Nothing so bad as not to be good for something.

    Source: German
    Nothing so bad but it finds its master.

    Source: Dutch
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