Wise Sayings: Letter N

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    Wise Sayings


    Never say die.
    Source: American Proverb
    Never say never.
    Author: Unknown
    Never say, "die!"

    Source: Latin
    Never say, Fountain, I will not drink of thy water.

    Source: French
    Never say, of this water I will not drink, of this bread I will not eat.

    Source: Portuguese
    Never seek the wind in the field. It is useless to try and find what is gone.

    Source: Polish
    Never sell the bearskin till you have killed the bear.

    Source: French
    Never send a boy to do a man's job.

    Source: French
    Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you are.

    Source: French
    Never sit in the place of a man who can say to you, "Rise.".

    Source: Arab
    Never speak ill of the dead.

    Source: Arab
    Never speak in a hurry.

    Source: Latin
    Never spend time with people who don't respect you.
    Category: Courtesy and respect Source: Maori
    Never spend your money before you have it.
    Author: Unknown
    Never spread your corn to dry before the door of a saintly man.

    Source: Spanish
    Never spur a willing horse.

    Source: Italian
    Never squat with your spurs on.

    Source: Texan
    Never stop learning.
    Category: Education Author: Unknown
    Never swap horses crossing a stream.
    Source: American Proverb
    Never take anything for granted.
    Author: Benjamin Disraeli
    Never take the antidote before the poison.

    Source: Latin
    Never tell tales out of school.

    Source: Latin
    Never too old to learn.

    Source: Latin
    Never trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles you.
    Author: Unknown
    Never trust people who tell you all their troubles but keep from you all their joys.

    Source: Jewish
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