Wise Sayings: Letter N

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    Wise Sayings


    Never trust the advice of a man in difficulty.

    Source: Japanese
    Never trust the man who tells you all his troubles but keeps from you all his joys.

    Source: Jewish
    Never trust to another what you should do yourself.

    Source: German
    Never try to catch two frogs with one hand.
    Category: Wisdom Source: Chinese
    Never was a mewing cat a good mouser.

    Source: Italian
    Never was hood so holy but the devil could get his head into it.

    Source: Dutch
    New churches and new taverns are seldom empty.

    Source: German
    New come, welcome.

    Source: German
    New comers are always welcome.

    Source: Danish
    New day, new fate.
    Category: Opportunity Source: Bulgarian
    New dishes beget new appetites.

    Source: Danish
    New doctor, new churchyard.

    Source: German
    New laws, new roguery.

    Source: German
    New lords, new laws.

    Source: French
    New loves drive out the old.

    Source: Spanish
    New songs are eagerly sung.

    Source: German
    New songs are liked the best.

    Source: Danish
    New things are most looked at.

    Source: Danish
    New trappings to an old mule.

    Source: Spanish
    Nice words are free, so choose ones that please another's ears.
    Category: Courtesy and respect Source: Vietnamese
    Night brings counsel.

    Source: Spanish
    Night has no friend.

    Source: French
    Night is the mother of councils.

    Source: French
    Nine tailors make a man.

    Source: French
    Nip sin in the bud.

    Source: French
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