Wise Sayings: Letter N

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    Wise Sayings


    No legacy is as rich as honesty.
    Author: Unknown
    No living man all things can.

    Source: French
    No lock avails against a hatchet.

    Source: French
    No lock will hold against the power of gold.

    Source: French
    No longer pipe, no longer dance.

    Source: French
    No mad dog runs seven years.

    Source: Dutch
    No man acquires perfection all at once.

    Source: Latin
    No man can be happy without a friend, or be sure of his friend till he is unhappy.

    Source: Latin
    No man can call again yesterday.

    Source: Latin
    No man can do nothing and no man can do everything.

    Source: German
    No man can like all, or be liked by all.

    Source: German
    No man can lose what he never had.
    Author: George Herbert
    No man can make another's destiny and all the wishing in the world will not make it so.

    Source: Darkovan
    No man can swim ashore and carry his baggage with him.

    Source: Latin
    No man can think well of himself who does not think well of others.

    Source: Latin
    No man commands ably unless he has himself obeyed discipline.

    Source: Latin
    No man fears what he has seen grow.
    Source: African proverb
    No man grieves long unless by his own fault.

    Source: Latin
    No man has a worse friend than he brings with him from home.

    Source: Latin
    No man is a good physician who has never been sick.
    Source: Arabian Proverb
    No man is a hero in the eyes of his valet.

    Source: French
    No man is a prophet in his own country.

    Source: French
    No man is an island, but some of us are long peninsulas.

    Source: French
    No man is contented with his lot in this life.

    Source: Latin
    No man is faultless.

    Source: Latin
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