Wise Sayings: Letter O

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    Wise Sayings


    One is never soiled but by filth.

    Source: French
    One is never too old to yearn.

    Source: Italian
    One joy scatters a hundred griefs.

    Category: Joy Source: Chinese Proverb
    One joy shatters a hundred griefs.

    Category: Happiness Source: Chinese
    One kind word can warm three winter months.

    Source: Japanese
    One kindness is the price of another.

    Source: Japanese
    One kisses the child for the mother's sake, and the mother for the child's sake.

    Source: German
    One kisses the nurse for the sake of the child.

    Source: German
    One knavery is met by another.

    Source: Spanish
    One knife keeps another in its sheath.

    Source: Italian
    One knows not for whom he gathers.

    Source: French
    One lamp can't light two houses.

    Category: Wisdom Source: Darkovan
    One law for the rich and another for the poor.

    Category: Wisdom Source: Darkovan
    One lawsuit begets another.

    Source: Latin
    One learns by failing.

    Source: French
    One lie draw ten after it.

    Source: Italian
    One lie makes many.

    Source: Italian
    One link broken, the whole chain is broken.

    Source: German
    One living pope is better than ten dead.

    Source: Italian
    One log does not burn long by itself.

    Source: German
    One lost, two found.

    Source: Dutch
    One love drives out another.

    Source: Spanish
    One man beats the bush, another catcheth the bird.

    Source: Spanish
    One man can burn water, whereas another cannot even burn oil.

    Source: Kashmiri
    One man can make a difference.
    Author: Unknown
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