Wise Sayings: Letter O

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    Wise Sayings


    One cannot be and have been.

    Source: French
    One cannot be at the oven and the mill at the same time.

    Source: French
    One cannot be in two places at once.

    Source: French
    One cannot blow and swallow at the same time.

    Source: Spanish
    One cannot drink and whistle at the same time.

    Source: Italian
    One cannot keep peace longer than his neighbour will let him.

    Source: German
    One cannot love and be wise.

    Source: German
    One cannot make soup out of beauty.
    Category: Philosophical Source: Estonian
    One cannot manage too many affairs; like pumpkins in water, one pops up while you try to hold down the other.
    Source: Chinese
    One cannot please everybody and one's father.

    Source: French
    One cannot ring the bells and walk in the procession.

    Source: French
    One cannot shoe a running horse.

    Source: Dutch
    One cannot wash a blackamoor white.

    Source: German
    One catches more flies with a spoonful of honey than with twenty casks of vinegar.

    Source: French
    One catches the hare, another eats it.

    Source: German
    One coin in the money-box makes more noise than when it is full.
    Category: Money Source: Arabian Proverb
    One coward makes ten.

    Source: German
    One daughter helps to marry the other.

    Source: Italian
    One day at a time.
    Author: Unknown
    One day in perfect health is much.
    Category: Health and wellness Source: Arabic
    One day is as good as two for him who does everything in its place.

    Source: French
    One deceit brings on another.

    Source: French
    One devil does not make hell.

    Source: Italian
    One devil drives out another.

    Source: Italian
    One devil knows another.

    Source: Italian
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