Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    We all refer to that of which we know most.

    Source: Latin
    We are all Adam's children, but silk makes the difference.

    Source: English Proverb
    We are all equal before death.

    Source: Maltese
    We are all schlemiels.

    Source: Yiddish
    We are all well placed, said the cat, when she was seated on the bacon.

    Source: Danish
    We are as the king, only not as rich.

    Source: Spanish
    We are born; we die.

    Source: Latin
    We are both carriers, and shall meet on the road.

    Source: Spanish
    We are no more than candles burning in the wind.

    Source: Japanese
    We are not disposed to study much after heavy meals.

    Source: Latin
    We are not roasting, and already we are basting.

    Source: Spanish
    We are not so much concerned if you are slow as when you come to a halt.

    Source: Chinese
    We are not yet roasting, and already we make sops in the pan.

    Source: Spanish
    We are the authors of our own disasters.

    Source: Latin
    We are too busy mopping the floor to turn off the faucet.

    Source: Latin
    We are usually the best men when in the worst health.

    Source: English Proverb
    We beat the sack and mean the miller.

    Source: German
    We become wiser as we grow older.

    Source: Latin
    We benefit by affliction.

    Source: Latin
    We boil at different degrees.
    Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
    We can accustom ourselves to anything.

    Source: Latin
    We can enjoy nothing without some one to share the pleasure.

    Source: Latin
    We can study until old age and still not finish.

    Source: Chinese
    We cannot all be Pope of Rome.
    Source: German
    We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

    Source: German
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