Wise Sayings: Letter W

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    Wise Sayings


    Women are never at a loss for words.

    Source: German
    Women are supernumerary when present, and missed when absent.

    Source: Portuguese
    Women are watches that keep bad time.

    Source: German
    Women are wise impromptu, fools on reflection.

    Source: Italian
    Women do not drink liquor but it disappears when they are present.

    Source: Irish
    Women in state affairs are like monkeys in glass-houses.

    Source: Irish
    Women know a point more than the devil.

    Source: Italian
    Women naturally deceive, weep and spin.

    Source: Italian
    Women rouge that they may not blush.

    Source: Italian
    Women when injured are generally not easily appeased.

    Source: Latin
    Women's jars breed men's wars.

    Source: Latin
    Women's tears are a fountain of craft.

    Source: Italian
    Women, asses, and nuts, require strong hands.

    Source: Italian
    Women, fortune, and gold, favour fools.

    Source: German
    Women, money, and wine have their balm and their harm.

    Source: French
    Women, priests, and poultry, never have enough.

    Source: Italian
    Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.
    Category: Wisdom Source: Greek Proverb
    Wonders will never cease.

    Source: Greek
    Woo the widow whilst she is in weeds.

    Source: German
    Woods have ears and fields have eyes.

    Source: Dutch
    Woods have ears, fields have eyes.

    Source: German
    Word by word the big books are made.

    Source: French
    Words are but sands; 'tis money buys lands.

    Source: French
    Words are female, deeds are male.

    Source: Italian
    Words are for women, actions for men.

    Source: Italian
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