Historical Deaths


🏥 Famous Historical Deaths - May 13, 2021

1975 Bob Wills, actor (Lone Prairie), dies at 69

1942 Hyam Greenbaum, composer, dies at 41

1993 Joaquin Garcia, Mexican comic actor, dies of heart attack at 71

1993 Evert "Eef" Dolman, Dutch cyclist (Olympic-gold-1964), dies at 47

1832 Georges Cuvier, French zoologist (La RЉgne Animal), dies at 62

1994 Duncan Hamilton, driver, dies at 74

1916 Sholem Aleichem, yiddish writer (Fiddler on the Roof), dies

1914 R E Foster, only dual England captain at cricket & soccer, dies

1892 Jean Alexander Ferdinand Poise, composer, dies at 63

1991 Jimmy McPartland, jazz cornetist, dies of cancer at 83

1981 Carl Weinrich, composer, dies at 76

1776 Anton de Haen, medical Ratio medendi, dies at 71

1962 Frank Jenks, actor (Colonel Flack), dies of cancer at 60

1390 Robert II the Steward, King of Scotland (1371-90), dies

1962 Franz Jozef Kline, US expressionist painter, dies at 51

1996 John "Jack" Baines, mountaineering publisher, dies at 57

1896 Nora Perry, writer, dies

1992 Gisela Elsner, writer, dies at 55

1982 Kara Abulfazogli Karayev, composer, dies at 64

1930 Helena Lange, German feminist, dies

1864 Junius Daniel, Confederate brig-general, dies at 35

1931 Josif Marinkovic, composer, dies at 79

1793 Martin Gerbert, composer, dies at 72

1831 Christian G K”rner, German lawyer, dies at 74

1985 Leatrice Joy, silent screen star, dies in Riverdale (Bronx) NYC at 91

1971 Valerian Mikhaylovich Bogdanov-Berezovsky, composer, dies 67

1979 Nelly Aenders, actress (In Pyama), dies at 65

1925 Boris V Savinkov, Russian writer/terrorist, dies

1885 Juliana Horatia [Gatty] Ewing, author (Lob Lie-by-the-Fire), dies

1904 Jan Boissevain, ship owner/politician, dies

1839 Joseph Fesch, French cardinal/war commission/earl/senator, dies

1995 Cecil Marley, cricketer (WICBC pres 1971-74, Jamaican capt 1946), dies

1882 Jules-Nicolas Crevaux, French explorer, murdered at 35

1873 Kaspar Masek, composer, dies at 79

1930 Fridtjof Nansen, diplomat (Nobel 1922), dies

1967 Frank McGrath, actor (Wagon Train), dies at 64

1787 Johann Michael Malzat, composer, dies at 38

1985 Selma Diamond, comedienne (Selma-Night Court), dies of cancer at 64

1988 Chet Baker, jazz trumpeter, fell to death out of a hotel window at 59

1994 Ruth Gillette, actress (Wild Gold), dies of cancer at 88

1990 Venedikt Jerofejev, Russian writer, dies

1961 Gary Cooper, 2 time Acad award winning actor (High Noon), dies at 60

0384 Servatius/Aravatius, bishop of Tongeren, dies at 65+

1956 Aleksandr A Fadejev, Russ author (Young Guard), commits suicide at 54

1839 Israel Ashkenazi of Shklov, found Ashkenazic community (1815), dies

1884 Cyrus Hall McCormick, inventor, dies

1982 Irmgard Keun, W-German writer (BlЃhende Neurosen), dies at 72

1994 Arthur Basil Cotle, medievalist, dies at 77

1732 Theodor Schwartzkopff, composer, dies at 72

1951 Marianne [Goudeket-]Philips, author (Issue Beukennoot), dies at 65

1993 Borolas, [Joaquin Garcia], Mexican comedian (Santa Sangre), dies at 71

1381 John of Chatillon, governor/viceroy of Holland, dies

1812 Johann Matthias Sperger, composer, dies at 62

1982 Renzo Rossellini, Italian composer, dies at 74

1933 Paul Ernst, writer, dies at 67

1972 Dan Blocker, actor (Hoss-Bonanza), dies at 41

1966 Henk [Hendrik M] of Randwijk, poet/editor in chief (illegal), dies

1835 John Nash, British town planner/architect (Regent's Park), dies

1978 Albert Roberts, cricketer (5 Tests for NZ, 7 wickets), dies

1962 H Trendley Dean, doctor (introduced fluoridation into water)

1619 Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, lands advocate, beheaded

1992 Floyd Arceneaux, trumpeter, dies at 58

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