Astrology Forecast September 12th-19th 2011

Astrology Forecast September 12th-19th 2011

The week of September 12th-19th begins with a Full Moon in Pisces in the early hours of the Morning.

Astrology Forecast September 12th-19th 2011
Horoscope for September 12th-19th, astrology forecast for current week with Hillory Skott

This Full Moon is activating our awareness of what we need to leave behind and how to move into the future, expect difficulties related to scattered focus- perhaps you just don't have the energy to constantly be on the move. This shift will help you move into a more well defined future- An upgrade in your fundamental programming. Enjoy the Support of the Earth signs as they drive you to make it real.

With the moon in Aries on the 13th and 14th you will feel ready for action. Though you might see parts of your personality resist this new direction. Look for areas of self-sabotage- Do you allow any self-defeating tendencies in your approach to life? Do you approach life at all or are you deferring to "unsolvable predicaments"? Can you adapt when necessary?

On the 15th the energy will shift into stabilizing Taurus- you know what you want and you understand you will have to put in some real world effort. With a supportive trine between the moon in Pluto you can see what needs to change. An aspect with Neptune softens any blows.

Be careful not get into a poor me frame of mind for too long. A five minute pity fest is all you really need if things are not going as planned. Remember there is always a reason for the things. Tomorrow you will feel your repressions stir. Pluto is moving forward after being retrograde since April 9th. During retrograde, a planet moves backwards, this is a retrospective time, sometimes issues that were buried will resurface for healing. You've had about five months to witness the stuff that needed dealing with. Rest assured you are not in the dark. Now it is possible for those hidden problems to make themselves somehow real rather than retro. Pluto's changes do not go unnoticed, once acknowledged you can move forward with more power.

On Sunday the 18 th there will be an upsurge in activity. Suddenly you are interested after a period of rest. Mars makes its move out of Cancer, watery and not ideal for fast moving firecracker Mars, and into Leo, that's a lot of fire, a whole lot of heat to make things happen. You may be more willing to seek recognition for your talents- Use this time to make your pitch. You have a sparkle about you now, a real charm. Don't let this time pass without making a move of some kind. Also, remember to support others. A compliment or kind words can warm a heart- get out there and warm some Hearts for the weeks that Mars will be in Leo- you have until November 10th. This will be a week to remember, get out your journal and keep track of the magic.

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