Astrology Predictions February 20-26

Astrology Predictions February 20-26

February 20-26, 2012 is a good week to tune into your natural rhythms.

Astrology Predictions February 20-26
Weekly Astrology Predictions February 20-26, 2012

The Sun has been in Pisces now for a couple of days. There is a shift in the cosmos and we are all certain to react to it. Ideally- Pisces is all about ideals- you will be privy to inspiration of the highest order. Life altering, abracadabra type, magical imaginings. Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is fully activated and fusing its powerful energies with the Sun, Moon, and Chiron. Neptune is the dreamer, it's rainbows, dolphins, the voice of an angel. But this yin/yang world we live in has two sides and Neptune has a dark side also: addiction and delusion, madness and confusion all fall under the domain of Neptune. It could go either way really. Lessons are learned through joy and in sorrow.

Tuesdays Neptune ruled New Moon is an opportunity for another new beginning. A deeper, richer, more meaningful existence is stirring in our imaginations. With Chiron, asteroid representing our wounded inner child, huddled in the mix, we have the opportunity to get in touch with long buried hurt. Freeing up this energy with some acknowledgement is all that is needed. It is sad what happened to you, unfair, humiliating. Life can be cruel and painful. It has been for us all at different times. But it is this pain inside that allows us to help others with their pain: a gift to ourselves to give to others. Chiron is the wounded healer. Khalil Gibran, author of "The Prophet," named one of the best selling books of the twentieth century writes, "Much of your pain is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self." This quote perfectly illustrates the purpose of Chiron. Much healing is available to the openhearted.

Saturn, planet of inner discipline is in a harmonious trine to the emotional moon. This helps give structure to the visions that are dawning. Use this energy to give concrete form to your inner most wishes. Get clear and certain about what you choose for yourself, for your life. Commit it to reality with a vision board: clip some magazine images that resonate with your ideal world and paste them on some construction paper or in your journal. You could draw or paint this as well. Just getting what you want outside of you is a powerful initiator. Tuesday evening is perfect to devote some time to a project like this- but any time within 48 hours of the New Moon will provide potent creative waves to ride your dreams into reality. If only we took more time to focus on our dreams our dreams would come into focus.

Wednesday with the moon conjunct Mercury you will feel chatty and willing to express your emotional impressions. You will likely be needing to talk out all you have glimpsed in the land of imagination. Remind yourself that all things real first began in the imagination. Don't talk yourself out of your dreams. Muster the courage to take tangible steps in new directions. Scary stuff for many of us, but feel the fear and do it anyway- You are not here to settle for anything. You are here to create the highest life possible for yourself and your loved ones. Where is your passion? What do you believe in?

Thursday the moon shifts into Aries, this fiery self-starting energy will give you courage. It's easy to act on your own behalf when this energy is available. Just be careful you don't get pushy and rude- it makes you look like an ass- totally defeating the positive aspects of this active moving energy.

Friday Pluto is looking to generate some stress in your emotional world. Uranus brings sudden insight to solve difficult predicaments- look for original thoughts that resonate as truth. You may get goosebumps, or feel your hair stand on end, or just know you've happened upon something special. Stress creates growth so use the deep insight available to change long standing emotional obstacles.

The weeks end will provide some helpful synchronicity that adds substance to how you see yourself. You get the job, or land the role, who you are is growing and expanding. It is all lucky if you are willing to act on your inner wisdom. Make the call, do the thing you know you need to do. On Sunday the Taurus Moon provides a stabilizing energy, an opportunity to appreciate the senses. A gourmet meal, fine wine, dark chocolate and beauty to behold will feed your Soul. Take time for the little things that make you happy- life really is about the little things.

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