Astrology Predictions February 27-March 4

Astrology Predictions February 27-March 4

February 27-March 4, 2012 astrology prediction.

Astrology Predictions February 27-March 4
Weekly Astrology Predictions February 27 to March 4

With Pluto active changes will be deep and long-lasting- evolution carries on whether we participate or not. But do participate. Choose the way that challenges your comfort zones. Push past self imposed boundaries. We've only got one shot at this, life is fast and short. Until next time that is. Make yourself make a Move.

Monday the moon will be in stable Taurus. This is a nice solid grounded energy. You will be able to enjoy the depth of your thoughts now. It is likely you will understand more about how you have been relating to the world of other people. Now with Moon and Sun in supportive aspects to Pluto- you have the clarity to make positive choices for yourself. Understanding the past helps you choose a better future. Unfortunately, it seems we can easily keep choosing the same situations over and over again even when they are destructive: better the devil you know than the devil you don't. If this is your rationale, snap out of it; This mentality will keep you from living a life full of joy. Harness this energy and take steps in positive directions.

Tuesday night the moon moves into Gemini, firing up your curiosity and desire to chit chat. Talk about what you have come to understand this past week or so. It is important to share your revelations. This will help insure you can move forward with proper boundaries in place. You alone know what your boundaries are. Watch for feelings of unfairness or irritation. We often don't know what our lines are until someone crosses them. This Gemini energy lasts through Thursday.

Friday is an astrological heavy hitter. These are the days of pivotal change. Mercury, planet of communication, is ignited in Aries before it starts back tracking into Pisces. Use this brave assertive pioneering energy to put it all on the table. It might be terrifying to confront the issue, but that is what is required of you now. There is an important triangular aspect between Pluto, Jupiter and Mars. Trines support each other, these planets are making hard stuff easy now. Maybe you take on more responsibility, or make tough decisions you've avoided for ages. It's easy to sit back and watch telly, but you need to activate, initiate, solidify and transform something- we all do. Now is the time.

Also on Friday, the moon moves into nurturing Cancer. This slightly sideways moving energy is nevertheless very powerful. We all need nurturing, each and every creature on this planet. If you happened to miss out on a nurturing parent figure it's likely that you are plagued by anxieties, trying to fill a big empty hole, usually with self- destructive alternatives. With the moon in Cancer now you can find what it is that truly feeds your soul- leaving you cozy and safe rather than jittery and suspicious. Nature is an amazing source of nurturing energy. Take a walk under the moon, breath deeply of the fresh crisp air. Listen to a flower. Plant a garden. Dig in dirt. It's amazing how simple it is to feel so safe. The Earth is mother to us all, new awareness of this fact can bring deep healing, filling many empty holes.

Sunday, March 4, 2012 - the moon shifts to fiery Leo. Use this energy to March fourth! You have just the pride you need to stand your ground now. It could get tricky in the relationship sector of life now. Maybe you see things from a new angle and things are no longer acceptable. The Moon Opposition Saturn will make you see the hard cold facts. Uranus, planet of swift action, is in a productive Trine to the feeling moon. Sudden moves in new directions are most likely. This is all good. Even the hard stuff. The Universe is working to liberate your creative energy, to get things unstuck, so you can keep on rolling into the magical mystical future of your dreams.

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