Astrology Predictions March 5 -March 11

Astrology Predictions March 5 -March 11

The simple things in life can be a source of great pleasure.

Astrology Predictions March 5 -March 11
Weekly Astrology Prediction for March 5 - March 11

A walk on the beach. A beam of sunshine. Bubbles. One of my all time favorites, prisms; rainbows dancing on the walls a reminder of the mystery we live within. The best things in life are free, it's true. But money is fun. The Full Moon will be here in the earliest hours of March 8. This is a Virgo full moon. If you are in need of healing, now you will be able to devise a plan and stick to the program.

Monday March 5, 2012 starts with a moon in Leo the sign of the performer. You may be more social and crave red wine and fancy food as Venus also moves into Taurus. This earth simple energy will be charged with a powerful conjunction between, mercury, the communicator, and Uranus, lightning bolt flashes and sudden change. Perhaps genius ideas appear that solve long lived problems- poof. Now you move on. Now there is change. Exciting really. You can expect an increase in communications of all kinds. There is an electric brilliance to the minds thought process now. Be present and ready for anything.

The Moon, ruler of our emotional, intuitive, and instinctive selves is moving into Virgo on Tuesday. Virgo is a useful energy. Put yourself to good use somehow- be of service in whatever way you can for the next few days. Now would also be a wonderful time for a cleanse. Virgo helps you see the flaws. This detail oriented energy lets you see clearly what is not working. Health is a matter never far from the Virgo mind. If you find yourself obsessing about some ache or pain, practice letting go of fear. Allow yourself to be safe and not jump to conclusions about your health. The body is busy adapting to a changing planetary frequency now and this can cause aches and pains, palpitations and anxiety. If a pain is sharp and severe then get to a doctor, but shifty dull pain can be just a matter of unblocking energy, movement on the internal planes.

The full Moon offers opportunity to witness what is happening in the subconscious. You may be feeling moody and self critical. Just remember this new clarity is assisting you in raising your awareness. Now you can understand your deeper needs, the unspoken preferences you've gone without. Take this full Moon energy and determine a life of purpose. Find a greater cause than yourself and you will discover what true contentment really is. Have patience with yourself if you feel snappish and critical. If possible, delivery your helpful observations with great tack and diplomacy.

On Saturday, the tenth of March, father Saturn will conjunct the moody Moon. You may get a lesson in responsibility. With the Moon ruling the emotional realm it is likely this responsibility is in the realm of your feelings. Now you can see that you are responsible for your feelings. No matter how any one behaves, you are in control of how you choose to react. Saturn will allow you the discipline necessary to take control of childish reactions and detach. This is helpful to the maturing process we are all undergoing.

This week ends with the Moon in deep digging Scorpio. Stay secure and close to home. Use that Scorpio insight to solve a mystery, to transform what is stuck,or to cut ties that bind. Scorpio is expert in the realm of the painful truths of life on earth. They are the souls drawn to dieing. You may find yourself obsessed about something this weekend. Know that the Scorpio moon is getting you in touch with the stuff you try to hide from. Take this week to face your fears and your fears will fall away.

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