August 15-22, 2011 astrology forecast

August 15-22, 2011 astrology forecast

The moon will enter Aries on Tuesday 17 August lending us the courage and desire to move ahead- With the Sun, Mercury and Venus arm in arm together in Leo we should be able to get a clear view into our individuality.

august 15 astrology forecast
August 15-22, 2011 astrology week’s forecast - This week's planetary Influences: Newness, Growth and Integration

Who we are in our heart of hearts is getting a chance to walk the talk. You need to step up to the plate.

Document the ideas as the wave of energy coming in with Wednesday may leave you feeling as if you are in battle. It is possible your feelings and what you need to do to get where you're going are in conflict. The moon (feeling) is in difficult aspect with Uranus, Pluto, Mars, and Saturn. Your less grown up self may just want to rebel and get fired. Maybe that is even the more mature self- either way you need to use this powerhouse of energy carefully... constructively. Decide what restrictions you will no longer tolerate rather than waiting for the Universe to decide for you- If you don't take the nudge you will get the shove. Times are changing lightning bolt fast. Wear rubber soles.

Thursdays August 18th planetary energy will leave us feeling optimistic and filled with clarity. Yesterdays struggles will give way to a sense of knowing and peace- Now you understand what is happening, make those plans. Do something that feeds the need for peace and beauty in your life. With the moon still in Aries now would be a good time to go on adventure, pick somewhere beautiful. Keep your energy running smoothly with some well considered exercise, in other words, nothing dangerous; slow and controlled will keep you free of injury today.

Early Friday morning the moon moves into Taurus helping to slow down the pace a bit. Take time to enjoy some simple pleasures- treat yourself to rich food, and a massage. Feed your soul through sensual activities: garden, cuddle, create music and art. Laze around in comfy clothes and count the stars, feel grateful. What a lovely weekend.

Sunday Venus will enter into Virgo and the lovey glow of the last two days may turn into a difficult day. Suddenly you can see all the flaws. You will be picking up every detail- things you never noticed before will be glaring and hard to tolerate. To use this energy constructively be selective about sharing your new awareness, tomorrow is another day and you can't take things back once they are said. Use the energy to change things. Never mind the temptation to inform everyone else about how they can improve themselves, focus on the man in the mirror. Remember to be kind.

This week should be productive in many ways- Mercury, planet of communication is still retrograde (August 2-26), it is important to be very careful with paper work and new endeavours, it is best to use this energy to redo things. Perhaps there is a project you think about, but never start. Look back to what stands out in the last three months that needs finishing and finish it. With this activity happening in Leo it may very well have to do with putting yourself out there- showing what you are made of. Remember to always have the greater good in mind- How will your actions affect others? Life will start to move forward again by the end of the month, your patience will be well rewarded.

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