August 22-29, 2011 astrology forecast

August 22-29, 2011 astrology forecast

With the moon in Gemini Monday and the Sun entering Virgo on Tuesday your mind is likely lit up like a Christmas tree.

August 22-29 astrology forecast
Astrology Forecast for August 22-29, 2011. This week horoscope Virgo takes center stage

You may be receiving breakthrough thoughts. Now you can see all the many ways you could change your life- the why and the how are becoming clear; this is inspiration, your thoughts are currently noteworthy. With the Sun, ruler of your identity opposite Neptune the dreamer of dreams, you may feel a little confused by all this new information. Remind yourself to leave your comfort zone. It is time to begin again.

Early Wednesday, the 25th, the moon enters Cancer, this will give you a chance for some nurturing energy. Provide yourself and your loved ones some quality food and extra affection- we all need to be mothered now and again. There is a lot of planetary action today which could put a strain on all your systems: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. When Pluto is activated you will feel the rumble. Pluto is said to represent your Soul. You can look to its placement in your own chart to see what intentions your Soul has set for this lifetime. Always, there will be growth. Pluto urges us towards our evolutionary purpose. Human beings are strangely attached to keeping things the same. Pluto simply won't have it! Resistance is futile. The best way to handle Pluto is to dive into the wave of change- and always see how you can help others in the process- this seems to lighten the effects- change, good or bad, is stressful, but when you know where you are headed and why, you can appreciate the process more.

Friday will lend some spark to the week as the moon shifts over to Leo. You will likely be ready for some fun in your world. Get out in the sun, swim or take a bike ride. Enjoy a performance or perhaps its time for you to take center stage. Now would be the time to put yourself out there and see what happens. Enjoy the last weeks of summer to the fullest that way when fall sets in you will be ready for the downward shift in energy.

Also on Friday, Mercury will start its movement forward again. Three times a year this planet stops moving forward for about three weeks. Often this will cause communication mix ups. You may have to write the proposal over again. Misunderstandings and confusing communication can frustrate. But Now that our friend Mercury is moving forward you can start the ball rolling again. Ideally you used the last three weeks to get clear and caught up- Now, with Clarity, you can let others know what is important.

Sunday evening the moon will be New in Virgo. Find some space to make plans related to your improved health. The Universe takes your orders on the New Moon. Don't miss the opportunity to plan carefully how you want the next month to unfold. Use some sage or incense and clear the energy in your home. Be open to receive new ideas that cause you to stretch. Neptune and the Moon are opposite this day so you may have conflict between how you feel and what you envision for yourself. Perhaps your abilities do not match up with your goals. With Pluto in the mix you will be able to see the truth about the situation and work to better it. Don't let yourself get depressed by the truth, use it to make realistic forward movement. Educate yourself, exercise, and eat clean this month and you will be using the best of this energy.

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