Dream Dictionary Aborigine

Dream Dictionary Aborigine

When you have a dream involving these people, the most common way this occurs is in the form of a dream where you are meeting with or conversing with an aboriginal person.

Dream Aborigine
Dream Dictionary Aborigine, What it Means when you Dream of an Aborigine

Yet you can also dream that you yourself are aboriginal. Meeting an aboriginal person in your dream signifies the clash between western mindsets and the people that live a more spiritual existence. What this shows is that you have probably been questioning your own spirituality and how it relates to your current existence. You may have a desire to become more spiritual in the same way that you perceive the aborigine people to be.

A dream in which you meet and talk with an aboriginal suggests that you are trying to fit some kind of faith into your daily life and make it show more so than it has been. You are a logical and analytical person by nature, but the aboriginal person has been letting you know in your dreams that you need to have more faith in your daily life. This does not necessarily mean that you have to have belief in a god or belief in a specific spiritual system. What this means is that you have a deep inner thirst for a kind of spiritual sustenance that the rest of life does not offer to you. This involves more of a solitary existence much like the one the aboriginals participate in.

This is mostly impossible for someone living a modern life. It would be very difficult to cut yourself off from the rest of the world and simply live on your own when you have bills to pay and you have rent that is due and a family to take care of. You cannot abandon the duties you have set up for yourself or you will falter spiritually. Letting yourself down is never a good thing. Perhaps what this dream might suggest though is that you have more of an inner retreat or go through an inner journey that will lead to a greater spiritual awakening in the end. You may not be able to leave your life to go on a walkabout, but you can retreat within yourself any time. It may lead to greater peace in the future if you try doing some meditation. Even if you are not sure how, meditation can help you as long as you try.

If you dream that you yourself are an aborigine, then this usually means that you are feeling as if you are on a greater plane of spiritual enlightenment in your life. Perhaps you have done something which has increased your spirituality recently or maybe you have just had an epiphany. Whatever the reason, you feel spiritually superior to the person you were before. However you should take care to make sure that this aspect of your personality does not take over your life or alienate anyone. When you feel a greater connection to yourself than the average person, the last thing you want to do is rub that in the faces of your best friends. You want to help them reach the same understanding that you have reached and lead them to enlightenment as well. This will lead to greater fulfillment for the both of you. Do not allow this to make you smug. Take it as a sign that you have done everything right, and should continue to do so.

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