Dream Dictionary Abortion

Dream Dictionary Abortion

There are many different reasons that a person might have a dream about abortion.

Dream Abortion
Dream Dictionary Abortion, Dreaming of Abortion, and What it Means for your Present and Future

Some of the definitions that can be found online will tell you that you are dreaming of abortion because you have already had one before. This can definitely be the reason for your dream, and this is even more likely to happen if you were feeling bad about the abortion beforehand. If you had any negative feelings or reservations at the time of the operation, then it might be haunting you because you are unsure if you did the right thing. It is difficult to get through such a tough experience, but you can do it and get rid of your negative dreams as long as you try to deal with your past demons in the real world.

Do not repress your emotions if you want to be healed. One way of dealing with this might be to see a therapist or to simply talk to someone that you trust about your feelings and to be as honest with them as you are with yourself. How can you hope to be healed and to feel better about what you have done if you refuse to talk to someone? You need some kind of outlet for your emotions, and talking is one of the simplest ways to have this outlet. If you are someone of a religious persuasion, then pray on it. A dream about abortion could be seen as a sign from god warning against some future tragedy.

Another reason that a person may dream of abortion though is if a big part of their life is soon to end. This is of course not to mean a physical end or a death necessarily, but possibly the resolution of a project. If you have been working on a task for a long time and come to the finish of it, or if you simply stop abruptly, this could lead to you having dreams about abortion. Something that has been a part of you for a very long time that you have been working on and spent much of your time with is now going to be gone finished. This could lead to very emotional dreams no matter what the original project was.

A dream of abortion may also represent hesitation or fear. Perhaps your life is in a position that may change, or that is going to fluctuate greatly and you are not so fond of this fact. This will mean that soon you are going to have to deal with feelings of regret, or longing for an earlier point in life. Perhaps in order to deal with this, you may have to do something that will make you less resistant to change. Try attempting new things, and meeting new people. Making small changes every day will ready you for bigger ones. You do not need to fear all of the directions that life can throw you in. There are so many times that life will throw you to and fro without warning and dreaming of abortion usually means you have not gotten used to this yet. Build up a resistance to it and you will be surprised by what you can accomplish.

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