Dream Dictionary Abyss

Dream Dictionary Abyss

When you have a dream that you are looking into an abyss, it usually shows that you are trying to look into the unknown.

Dream Abyss
Dream Dictionary Abyss, Falling Into the Abyss: The Meaning of Dreams Regarding the Abyss

This means that you are probably aware of something that is going to happen in your future that is very important to you. You are actively seeking in your dreams, just as you do in your waking life, to see the end or the conclusion of this event. You want to know the outcome of the future, but it will not let you because the opening to the tomb is too deep and dark. Inspecting around the abyss will get you nowhere, you need to plunge in on order to truly see what is going to happen to you, but will you make the jump?

This is yet another definition of what the dream of an abyss might mean. It could mean that there is a very important road that you will have to take soon, but you are scared to make the final jump in the end. Whatever happens to you, it may be hard and it may be scary, but the only way that you will know what could have happened is if this is what you do. If you care enough about the possible outcome of your trip, then you will take it so that what could have happened will be your true reality. This is an important step in seeing who you are as a person. Will you continue on for what you believe in, or will you stop in your tracks out of fear? Only time will tell.

If you dream that you are falling through an abyss, this could mean that you are feeling out of control of your life. Your arms are flailing here and there and your legs cannot catch hold of anything. You are hurtling through the unknown, but have no idea where you are going and have no control of the speed or the way in which you get to the end. To see if this is really the case, when you are awake, make a list of all of the things that you are control of. Include simple things such as bodily functions in this list. Then make a list of things you do not have control of. The majority of most important things should be listed in the section that you are in control of. If not, then this means you are definitely lacking control of your own destiny. See what you can do about regaining control of those things that you’ve listed.

Dreaming about falling into an abyss could also indicate the falling through the levels of the unconscious. There are so many facets to our imaginations and our subconscious’. It would only make sense that when you feel mentally overwhelmed for whatever reason, you would see yourself falling into a black chasm, the bottom of which you can’t see. You are lost in your imagination more often than not. Try regaining control of your consciousness and don’t let yourself drift too much. This is the best way to show your mastery over yourself and your urges.

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Incomparable 2019-02-18 01:00:15
I had a dream that I was already falling in blackness. I saw myself fall like there was two of me. And I m looking down at me. But in real life I could feel weight to my chest as if someone is pushing me ever time. But it felt no more then three seconds even if it was 7 to 6 hours falling but in real life feeling the pressure of someone putting weight on me.But what really, frightened me was not the darkness it was the feeling in real life. and this happened to me from 6 yeas old to 12.And then realized all of my dreams were nightmares.

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Brandon 2017-05-31 08:01:07
I remember that I was in an elevator, my best friend and I were staring at the levels going down slowly. When the elevator finally stops we look down at a hole, that I had been unaware of till then. We start making our way down on braided ropes.
Once we finally reach the ends of the ropes I start slipping. I start to shout out and tell my friend but, I can tell he was freaking out himself.
At first, I thought he was looking at me but, once I turned around I realized he was staring deep into a pitch black and dark abyss. At this point I'm holding the rope with only one hand gripped around the rope. I started to hear voices.
"Come down! Come on down into the darkness!" The voice from the abyss said in a vey creepy and bone chilling voice. That was followed by more gutwrenching noises.
My arm finally gave in and I started to fall towards the abyss. I saw an outline a creature striding around. I started to close my eyes because if the creature did attack me, I would see the damn thing. I felt preasure on my ankle, I thought I was already being attacked or eaten.
I heard a deep voice say, "I gotcha!" I look up and see what seemed to be a very muscular but lean man grabing me by the ankle (kinda like how Captain America was holding the helicopter but, instead of the helicopter it was me and he was holding onto a rope instead of the edge of a building), "Its scary down there, huh?" I looked up and nodded. "I'll get you outta here..."
I started feeling light headed and for some reason my head fell towards the abyss again, and this time I know I'm actually in the abyss, I saw this creepy humaniod lady looking both creepy and sad at the exact same time. I passed out soon after.
I open my eyes, apparently, I was daydreaming in the middle of the side walk with two of my friends talking to each other. They started to walk in one direction while I started to walk in the other, trying to cope. For a bit I forgot abou the thing I was trying to cope. I bumped into a girl that I knew from school (idk if this effected the story at all but this is what I dreamed of) she was wearing a white t-shirt with red jeans.
So I end up at my apartment and I hear my friends behind me so I turned around and talked with them. They started to ask where I was and what happened. I explained to them I don't really remember why I didn't go with them but, I did mention the girl from school that I had bumped into (for some reason I mentioned her ass).
After that, one of my friends showed me a video of ME hanging from a rope, looking into a dark abyss. I was literally frozen. My eyes where opened so wide when I saw the video. I started to breath faster and faster. My breath became louder and louder. And the it was completely quiet. I woke up right after that.

IDK WTF happened I just remembered that, can someone explain??!!

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Hope 2017-04-15 11:07:13
I had a dream where I was in a church in the sanctuary with a lot of my classmates and all the seats were desks. Then all the sudden the lights shut off (No one turned them off) and this really creepy music started playin, and the ground started shaking up and down fast but not like an earthquake, for a while all of my classmates, teacher, and me were all crouching down behind the desks scared, not knowing what's happening and I looked towards the teacher and ask "what's happening" then she said back "I don't know, I've never herd this before".
(And may I remind you that everyone in that room was scared out of their wits including the teacher since she had no idea what was happening). Then the teacher said to us "Stay here, I'm going to go see whats happening", and she ran out of there into the lobby area. Then my best friend Rose followed after her for some unknown reason. And I followed Rose cause I was worried then the teacher opened the door to outside (outside didn't look like a parking lot, the scenery changed into central park in New York but no really) and started sprinting saying that she was going to go find someone to help, then Rose sprinted after her worried since she practically just left all of her students behind with no adult(s) then I sprinted after Rose shouting "Why are we going outside!? Thats the last thing we want to docause once again I didn't want her getting hurt. So here we are, Rose chasing the teacher, me chasing after Rose then I see up ahead of me that Rose got stopped by a zookeeper (IDK) saying something but I couldnt hear since I was far behind Rose but I think she said that she has to go back and get to cover, saying that she will go find our teacher...

~Time skip, cause the dream is long and I'm adding too much detail~

Me, Rose, and a group of 5 of my classmates get locked into this nether-like place except there wasnt a lot of red only some. We got locked out cause 3 of my friends accidentally closed the "portal" se we couldnt go back and I started shouting at them some colorful words since I was angry and scared, but they couldn't hear me. Anyway the other people in my group found another way back to "Earth" and we started heading back then I looked up (there was like a divider on top was just all back and bottom was the nether) and saw all black with two extraterrestrial like lights that looked like flashlights but weren't waving around all over the place in the distance I immediately thought "alians". I looked at the others scared, white face and said 'Uh g-guys l-look" while pointing towards the two lights. I then asked them "Are these what are causing the end of the world?". Then one of my friends said "Maybe....anyway lets just go now". I was just about to say somethong back when the two lights in the black abyss went out. I looked back at my friends scared saying "we need to get out of here now, before those things come back". Then we go back to Earth, explained what happened to my friends who locked us in there. Then the dream prtety much ended there.

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Kayla 2016-02-01 08:19:39
Had a dream last night where I was on a plane with many people onboard...then my focus became the right wing and the sound of the propellers and it drew closer and closer and then my seat bent backwards, the plane disappeared and I began to fall into a dark abyss. I held onto my chair and fell deeper and deeper. As I woke in reality I heard someone call my name. Then fear gripped over me as I lay in my bed shivering...this was so scarey!

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jesse 2016-01-27 10:25:08
I had a dream i was falling from the sky it seemed. But every thing around me was pitch black dark from every angle. And I could feel the fear as if was real and I was literally falling...I screamed as I fell... but the fear was so real I woke up... I wonder what that meant?

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Rebecca 2015-10-26 16:34:39
early this morning i had the most phenomenal out of body experience. I usually never "let go". But this time I totally did. There was a strong force pulling me from my back, really fast. We were zooming into dimensions, or at least that's what it felt like, & i remember telling myself that. I heard so many stories about out of body experiences. Many of which to claim that they were floating in space. So i had my eyes open expecting to see planets and stars, But all i saw & felt was cold nothingness. Blueness. Like I was in some sort of space less cube. It was the Deep abyss!!

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Zoe 2017-03-24 01:40:06
I had a dream that was in a room with a single door in it and the room was lit top to bottom by white florencent lights. I wasn't alone, i was with my family and we were standing around the door. My mother opened it (it opens inwards) and all you could see inside was a black abyss, there was no top or bottom to it, it was just black. It spooked me a bit. Out of curiousity, my sister peered inside, and then she became brace enough to step through cautiously. She was floating! She turned around and smiled at me and motioned for me to join her. And then all of a sudden her face contorted in pain, and she started to flail her arms and legs about vigorously. It looked like she was screaming but the room was silent. Within seconds she was completely still, her body looked like the moisture was stolen from it and her arms stuck above her head. Seething pain still seemed plastered on hr now wrinkly face. I was so terrified that inactually woke up in the middle of the night and had to write this somewhere. I'm trying to find out what this abyss means, although I think it's a form of space. When this website was telling me I should jump into it and see what happens I was like "fuk naw"

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Mia 2015-09-26 04:24:22
I have dreams that i would be a girl falling into a very big hole i would fall from the sky and what was surronding me was some my family and it was kinda a jungle area place I now discvored that i have something special inside of me in this website but i havent discovered it yet Thank You very much to explaining this  :)

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josh 2015-06-20 15:02:41
when i was very young almost every night my dream would end by me falling in complete darkness and at the very bottom where i landed was my bed.as soon as i hit the bed i would wake up in my bed.waking up most mornings like i had just landed and jerked up sitting in my bed.this was probably when i was 6 or 7.it happended often enough for me to remember what the bed looked like when i looked down.almost 13 year ago

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Nicole 2015-08-25 04:09:49

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