Dream Dictionary Accelerator

Dream Dictionary Accelerator

If you see an accelerator in your dreams, it means that you have to strive to achieve a certain goal you have set up for yourself.

Dream Accelerator
Dream Dictionary Accelerator, Seeing Accelerators in the Dream World: What an Accelerator Means when You see it in Your Dreams

You are a driven person by nature. You want to achieve all of the goals that you said you set out to achieve. Most important is you will stop at nothing to achieve these goals and you will do everything you can to make sure that you alone are the one that achieved them without help from others, and through good old fashioned work, without cheating and without taking any shortcuts. Essentially, you are a dynamo. This is one interpretation of the accelerator.

If you feel that you have been too feverish in your pursuit of your goals lately, then the accelerator could mean the opposite of what it usually does. This may mean that you need to slow down. You have been working too hard and it is taking an immense physical and/or mental toll on you. You need to really focus and consider your options in this situation. If it is possible for you to slow down and work at a more leisurely rate, then do so immediately.

If you are bound by contract to continue in the same fashion as before, then this is okay too, as long as you make sure not to make such brash decisions in the future. You also need to make sure that in your persistence to meet a certain goals that you have set out, you are not neglecting others, particularly family. Even if the toll that your work is taking is not on you, it could mean that your family and friends are being hurt or neglected. Be more responsible and take account of all of the people in your life you could be hurting.

If you are dreaming that the accelerator that you are using is in some way broken, or jammed, then this would definitely signify that some aspect of your life is being lost. You are sacrificing a part of yourself in pursuit if a goal that you have set up, and it is causing you to lose control of yourself or that part of your life. This could be anything from drinking, to a romantic relationship. You need to pay close attention and make sure that you really do control every aspect of your life. Do not let anything get away from you, or escape you, because you would do well to pin down the parts of yourself that you are losing control of and to examine them under a microscope.

There is a habit that you have lost control of, a habit that you are unable to cope with, and it is causing you to ruin yourself in pursuit of a goal. Even if this is something simple, you cannot afford to lose control of too many parts of yourself that you would consider minuscule or unimportant because they add up. It is all about the mindset that you have, and you cannot afford to have a mindset in which you would be okay with losing a bit of yourself every time you undertake a new responsibility. Hopefully once you take control of your life you will begin to stop seeing accelerators in your dreams.

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