Dream Dictionary Accident

Dream Dictionary Accident

If you are dreaming about being in a general kind of accident, this usually means that you are having some kind of remorse about past events.

Dream Accident
Dream Dictionary Accident, Having an Accident in Your Dreams, and the Meaning of Dreams About Accidents

This definition becomes much easier to understand if you have actually been in an accident in the past. If you were directly involved in an accident which contributed to the death of an individual, or serious physical damage to yourself and others, dreaming about accidents might be a common occurrence for you. It shows how strongly the accident affected you and how much remorse you feel at not being able to prevent it.

Even if you have not been in an accident in the past, the fact that you are getting into accidents in your dreams could be a mental form of self punishment. Your subconscious is showing images of you being hurt or injured because deep down you feel that you have done something to deserve being treated this way. You want to feel punishment because you have gotten away with something that you don’t think you deserved to escape from. If you have done something seriously wrong, the only way to put your mind at ease would be to confess to the affected parties, whoever they may be. If a confession would make you worse off, then you need to find some other way to make peace with yourself or others that you have wronged without giving yourself away. It is definitely possible though, and you can do it.

Dreaming of accidents may also happen to you if you are generally danger prone. Someone that has been in many accidents before will no doubt be scared of getting in them again, and wary that another accident might happen sooner rather than later. In order to help alleviate your mind, try to focus instead on what you will do at the camping trip instead of how you’re going to drive through the mountain range to get there. Sometimes it can be more helpful to think of the distant future rather than the immediate future. Will the thing that you are so worried about really be bothering you ten years down the road? If not, then why are you worrying?

If you are dreaming of a car accident then what this means is that you are thinking heavily about your emotional state. You are emotionally reckless and could “crash” at any moment. Make sure that you are paying attention to how emotionally fragile you have been lately. You need to keep a close watch over your emotional state now more than ever. Has anything been bothering you lately? Has something negative happened in your relationship, or have you had to deal with something emotionally painful recently? Maybe you just feel starved spiritually. You need to be able to take a tabulation of your state and be really in touch with yourself before you really do have an accident.

A dream such as this usually occurs when you have done something that you normally perceive to be wrong and that you feel that you need to make retribution for. Take what you have done with a grain of salt and move on from there to bigger and better things. Put yourself back on a course to success. This is the only way you will prevent your dreams from haunting your sleep.

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Stephanie 2013-01-17 01:36:39
My sister is 17 she was hit last yr on jan 18 by a car it was an underaged driver no lic no stivker no insur nthn . She was hurt pretty bad but thank the lord above us she fought it n recover her knee n her side of her body frm her head to her feet was bruised. But that day is coming up soon n shes been having these dreams about the incident.

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