Dream Dictionary Accuse

Dream Dictionary Accuse

When you dream that you are being accused of something, this is usually because you are feeling guilty about something.

Dream Accuse
Dream Dictionary Accuse, Trying to Accuse Someone in Your Sleep: Dreaming of Accusations

Perhaps you have committed an actual crime, or perhaps you are simply remorseful over having wronged a friend or an acquaintance. You probably have not confessed or paid for your transgression yet which is why you are dreaming about finding retribution. In order to make you truly feel better it might be a good idea to confess. If this is impossible, then you will need to do some serious mental work and inner searching to help yourself come to terms with what you have done and accept the fact that you cannot go back and change what has already happened. What you might be experiencing here is a dangerous combination between remorse and denial.

If you are being accused of something in the dream world, another meaning might be that you are feeling indecision or fear of an upcoming decision. You would normally only experience a dream like this if you were the one that was in charge of all of the proceedings in this case. When you are put in charge of something very big, where a lot of people will be disappointed in you if you were to fail or come up with a lackluster result, then it is pretty common to feel fear and anxiety in this kind of situation. This kind of fear can lead you to be scared of making a decision or being assertive at all. You cannot let yourself get caught in this situation. The refusal to make a decision or to move forward will only result in more anxiety as the deadline gets closer and closer where you will eventually be forced to act anyway. Make sure your response doesn’t come too late.

When you dream that you are accusing others of having committed some wrong, then this usually means that you are feeling untrusting of those that are around you. If you are in a situation where you would need to be partners and friends with these same people that you secretly distrust, it would be good to break down whatever barriers you are feeling right away. This way, you will be ready to befriend and be helped by those that are in the position to help you with whatever it is that you need to be helped with. Let this kind of dream act as a warning to you to be more accepting of your peers. Even if they do seem like hoodlums, or a motley crew, you need to make sure that you are not ant he bad side of anyone. Blacklisting your associates in large numbers will never lead to success.

An alternate interpretation of a dream where you are accusing others around you is that you feel morally superior to your peers. You are feeling that the way that you are handling a certain situation is the most correct way, and that everyone else is wrong. This can be a dangerous line of thought particularly when something of major importance needs to be done through teamwork. If others cannot trust you to trust their work, and if you cannot accept the qualities of others, how do you expect to succeed?

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