Dream Dictionary Acquaintances

Dream Dictionary Acquaintances

When you see an acquaintance in a dream, your first instinct would usually be to either go up to them and say hello.

Dream Acquaintances
Dream Dictionary Acquaintances, Meeting with Acquaintances in the Dream World, and What it all Means

Another instinct you might have would be to completely ignore them for fear of having an awkward situation just as you would act in real life. How you treat your acquaintances in your dream has a large amount to do more with how you treat yourself though. In order to understand the following description, imagine the acquaintance that you saw in your dream and answer this question about them. If you had to describe one specific thing that they represented for you, one emotion or one concept, what would that be? Then continue reading.

Very often the acquaintance you see in you dream will be representative of an unfamiliar part of you, and your reactions toward the dream acquaintance dictate how you feel about these aspects of yourself. If for the above question for example you said that the person in your dream was representative of true evil, and you acted menacing, or had an argument when you came into contact with them in your dream, this would have a meaning related to how you feel about yourself. Quarreling with that acquaintance in your dream would indicate that you are having trouble accepting the bad parts of yourself and your more evil tendencies.

Following that line of interpretation, it becomes clear that the opposite is true when you have an opposite reaction. Therefore, if you meet a very romantic acquaintance in your dream and you try to get to know them better or go out and have fun with them, then this shows how you are trying to accept the more romantic elements of your own personality. By trying to get to know them, you are seeing yourself in a new light and are attempting to emphasize the qualities of yourself that you may not have been as familiar with before. This interpretation would be increasingly relevant if you had a a date coming up or were planning on asking someone out. You need to reach deep within yourself and draw out the part of yourself within that is good at handling these kinds of situations.

These types of dreams usually occur when one element of yourself has been brought to light at this interval of your life. For example, if you’ve gotten beaten up by a bully recently then it might lead to you meeting, greeting, and going out with a very courageous acquaintance in your dreams. This would mean you were trying to accept your own courage, a part of yourself you have probably been distant with, in the past. These dreams show up to teach you a lesson about the type of person you wish you were and let you know what type of person you do not want to be. Take them as a fantastic window into your most inner desires and your true personhood, or status as a human being. While these can sometimes be troubling dreams, they do not always need to be negative.

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qhu 2017-11-06 08:55:53
what about dreaming about the acquaintances cheating with the girlfriend and go with me ? and i dreamed about the same person 2 day continuously about the same scenario

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