Dream Dictionary Actor/Actress

Dream Dictionary Actor/Actress

If you are dreaming about a specific actor on a constant basis, this usually means that you wish that you had some of their properties.

Dream Actor Actress
Dream Dictionary Actor/Actress, What Happens When All You Can Dream About Is A Certain Actor/Actress, And Why

This feeling is considerably different than a general lust for fame or pleasure. What this means is that you have followed this actor or actress for the duration of their career. You have seen a considerable amount of their work, and feel connected to them in a way. There is some element of them that you wish could also be a part of you. You put their qualities above your own because their fame elevates them to such a level of perfection that you perceive it as being a very hard to reach echelon of success. Their success is not what you want but elements of their personality or their physical assets such as muscles or large breasts.

This kind of dream can also be indicative of real life self esteem issues. Do an emotional tabulation and try to look at your history o how you have viewed yourself in the past. Do you think that you are a pretty or interesting person, that the things that you have to say are valuable? If so, then what you are dealing with is probably just a case of being star struck and there is nothing you need to really worry about. If not then you really need to start having a higher opinion of yourself and learning to take a compliment before your wishes do turn into an obsession. It is healthy to be a little bit wowed by fame but it is most certainly not healthy to develop a deeper interest in the life of someone that you are not in any way affiliated with.

Sometimes though, the goals that you have are not so unrealistic. The goals that the actor stands for in your imagination may be easily met, or met with a bit of work. If you really do care about reaching this standard that you have set up for yourself, then you can definitely do it, it will just take a bit of elbow grease and trying hard in order to get to that level. Once you are there though, then you will be glad that you put so much work into making it there yourself. The actor can be representative of goals that you really would be better off incorporating into yourself such as good hygiene or a wonderful sense of romance. As for what a specific actor represents, it is hard to say, but you have to consider what they represent to you. If you need to be more romantic or more of a lady’s man, then you might have Clark Gable or Paul Newman populating your dreams. If you want to be classier and show a lot of love for a bygone era, then Lucille Ball could be representative of this, but it would all depend on how you view each actor.

An alternative dream definition is if you see yourself as an actor or an actress in your dream. This would indicate that you believe that as long as you put in a lot of effort into something, the end result will be worth all of the hard work.

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