Dream Dictionary Address

Dream Dictionary Address

Dreaming of your own address is a fairly common affair, believe it or not.

Dream Address
Dream Dictionary Address, Dreaming of a New Address: What it Means to Change Living Situations in your Dreams

Dream scientists and pseudo scientists alike will tell you that the reason that you are dreaming about your own place is because you are just so familiar with it. The home plays such a large role in the daily life that it would only make sense for it to be the locale of many dreams. What happens when you see the address written down? Most would argue that it means the same thing in your dream. You write down your address in so many of the different things that you sign up for (sweepstakes, newsletters, accounts on websites, email websites, etc.) that his is also a daily occurrence and not seen as much significance.

However this does not apply to other addresses. When you see another address in your dreams, this usually has a lot more significance than seeing your own and leads many to question why it is that you are seeing some other address that you are not as familiar with. The situation becomes even more perplexing if it turns out that the address that you are seeing is somewhere that you are completely unfamiliar with. This means it can, in no way, be traced back to familiar locales, and thus, must have a more important meaning than that.

If you dream that you are writing down someone else’s address or addressing a letter to someone, this usually means that you are struggling to try to go in many different directions. You are at a crossroads where there are much more than just two or three different choices you can take. The possibilities stretch on infinitely and you are unsure of which way you want to go. What makes this situation worse is that it is often life altering, and a decision that needs to be made in the near future, or else. There is no easy way to get through a situation like this, but you will have to do it eventually, and once it is done, even if you make a bad decision, the weight will be at least partially lifted because you have done what you had to do and had no better choice to make. This is what the address is most symbolic of, being caught in a position where you have many different options, but none of them really grabs at you as being the better decision to make.

Alternatively, this exact same dream can mean the opposite thing. It can mean that you have been contemplating many different roads to take and have finally, after a long period of deliberation, settled on one that appeals to, and makes sense to you. You finally know where you want to be and have made up your mind. It is odd that this is one of the few symbols in a dream that can mean complete opposites of one another depending on the situation of the dreamer. Generally, you will know which one of these definitions is the clearest and which one of these makes the most sense towards your personal situation. Take each dream with a grain of salt though.

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Jesse Santana 2014-04-09 16:49:06
I have been having strange dreams and some I see and come to pass it started in 1987
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Louisa Stoffberg 2013-03-03 14:23:36
I dreamed of an unfamiliar address and yes I do have a lot of choices to make.
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