Dream Dictionary Admire

Dream Dictionary Admire

When you admire someone in life it usually means that you respect them and that you think their accomplishments are important.

Dream Admire
Dream Dictionary Admire, To Admire in Your Dreams and What it All Means

However when you admire someone in your dreams, then this usually means that you have the same feeling, but are feeling it more intensely than the regular form of it that happens every day. Admiring someone in the dream world means that the qualities that you see in them are qualities that you wish that you had.

It is possible that you don’t even know that these qualities are ones that you wish you had. These may be latent desires that you never even knew you were feeling or they can be completely overt, but in order to get a real fix on the true meaning, you should think about who the person is that you are admiring. If they are a famous artist, or operate in the field of fine arts, then maybe this means that you need to incorporate more elements of creativity into your life. Have you secretly wanted to write your autobiography from the perspective of a medieval dragon? As silly as your idea might sound, you should go with it. Whatever it is that you secretly want to do, just do it and you will feel a much greater sense of fulfillment.

Perhaps the person that you admire is one that has great strength and courage in your dreams. If this is so, then the fastest way to make sure that your inner desires are met may be to take some martial arts or other self defense courses. Even the more basic sports like Olympic wrestling and boxing will lead to greater feelings of self confidence. You will be a stronger person mentally and physically after a bit of training. Then instead of having dreams about admiring others, people will begin to admire you in real life. If you’ve ever wanted followers, this is a great way to get them. It can be very flattering.

If you have a dream where you are admiring yourself, doting over your reflection in the mirror, then this would imply that you have a bit of a big ego. As much as you may admire yourself, having an inflated opinion of your looks and your capabilities is never a good thing. Try to be more objective about your appearance and accept the fact that you’re not the greatest looking person in the world. Otherwise when you lose your streak of successful dates and finally get turned down, the blow is going to be crushing. Nobody is perfect, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll save yourself some future pain. The act of admiring yourself in your dreams can also be a sign that you seek the affirmation of others for all of your actions. You cannot make a move until someone else approves of your actions. This attitude is destructive and will lead you nowhere.

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