Dream Dictionary Adoption

Dream Dictionary Adoption

When you have a dream about adoption, of all of the things that you are going to want to recall about it, the most important thing is how you viewed the child that you adopted.

Dream Adoption
Dream Dictionary Adoption, What Adoption Means When You Dream About it

Not just how the child looked in the dream, but how the child acted. Also you should come up with an answer to the following question if you can. If you could say that the child’s personality represented one single emotion or one single trait more prominently than others, what would that trait be? Once you have an answer to that question, you are ready to move on.

The reason that the question above needed to be answered in order to get an accurate interpretation of the dream is because when you adopt a child in a dream this shows all of the traits that you are trying to adopt into yourself. These children can represent an amalgamation of emotions in your dreams, but typically will represent one single aspect that is totally outside of yourself as a person, but that you still desire. If you are a natural loner, maybe you desire companionship. In this case the child would be very clingy and would never want to be away from you. This would help to forward the idea that you secretly want to take on the role of father or mother and caretaker to the child. In the real world this means that you just want someone, anyone to care for. It could be a child, or could just as easily represent a significant other or a family member.

A dream about adoption could also be an incessant reminder that you want to adopt a child. This usually happens to couples that have not been able to have children themselves but it can also happen to single people that have been lonely for some time. If love has not been working for you, but you still feel lonely, then maybe your problem is just romantic love. Maybe your love would be better suited for a needy child. Adoption agencies usually prefer couples, but you do not have to be in a marriage in order to adopt as long as you are financially and mentally stable. If you think that you could really see yourself raising a child, then maybe the dream was a sign that this is your true calling.

Alternatively, dreaming about adoption could also mean that you hunger for something new in your life. You are tired of the old and boring and need to take on new experiences. This does not exactly mean you need to adopt, just try new things and see how much they change your life for the better. If you dream that you are being adopted by someone else, this is a sign that you want to be more connected to your inner child. You are feeling as if you have been too “adult” recently and want to get attached to the more fun loving and carefree side of yourself. This can be a great way to free your mind if you do decide to do it, but just remember your responsibilities that still exist in the adult world.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Adoption

Gail 2018-09-12 12:33:05
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I don't have any children, last night i dreamt i all of a sudden remembered I had a child that I'd given up for adoption, then I began to vividly remember my pregnancy and how they felt in my belly, all I remember is wanting my child back.could you shed some light on what this could mean please.
Trixie 2017-09-09 02:02:48
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A friend of mind having a delivery and she died because she is positive of HIV, meanwhile i decided to have my friend baby and my sisted stop me and scare me for those virus, However i still decide to adop the baby when she look at me she a cute little girl that around 9months old i dont know why i am happier and full dicided that i wanna raised up the baby even do i have my old child

Anyone comments or suggestion?
Alex 2017-08-09 12:35:00
👍 +3 👎
I have a 5 year old and I am 8 1/2 months pregnant with a baby girl that for a month or so was believed to have Down syndrome. I had a dreams that I was picking up a little boy named Bryan who had Down syndrome. He was so sweet and the dream was extremely vivid and left me longing for the little boy in the dream.
Rob 2017-07-30 09:05:17
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I had a very vivid dream. I was on a boat and a teenage Japanese girl was separated from her father. She's about 12-14. Her father was close to falling, I'm among a group trying to save him. I know no one else on the boat.

The father looks me directly in the eyes and says protect my daughter. I respond yes I will. Daughter looks shocked. Father smiles, says thank you then let's go and falls to his death. I don't see or hear how I just know he's gone.

Next thing I remember is being safe. The daughter is crying. I sit next to her and say nothing, letting her grieve. She looks at me with anger but is too emotional to tell me to go away.

Next thing I remember is walking into our home. It's a place I've never seen before. A multi story house and apparently I am living on the top floor. My brother - who is not married - in my dream has a wife and 2 kids and lives in the rest of the house. I know all these details instantly.

The daughter is laughing but argumentative as we walk in. I call her Kiki but I know that's not her real name, but it's the name we both are most comfortable with me using. A nephew comes in and calls her katie. "Kiki" reminds her she was katie last month but is now Kory. I instantly recall as a game she changes her name monthly cause I have difficult pronouncing her name. Kiki was the first nickname cause it was one I gave and her favorite. But she doesn't want to admit it verbally.

I recall learning hard way she is not s verbal person. She enjoys arguing and being rebellious, but not to the point of hurting anyone. She is of a different faith than I and pokes fun st the difference but doesn't insult. She appreciates the fact that I adopted her without trying to change her.

But she feels bad and unacceptable no matter what I do. I flash to a different conversation between the two of us. We are coming home for first time since I adopted her. She is angry and confused at me. She screams that her father meant to protect her from the dangers of the ship not to protect her all her life. I didn't know her or her father and I will never replace him.

I recall about to tell her that I never wanted to replace that I did it for s different reason.

I wake up. I have never had as vivid a dream as the one with Kiki.
Angela 2017-05-22 07:06:18
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I adopted a 9 month old baby that was left at my door step at the age of 20 and every year until I turned 30 I came across orphan children who I also adopted at different ages.
Brenda 2017-05-04 23:44:33
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I had a dream i went for a walk around town I seen these children I asked them where there parents was they said there parents both died in a car accident. They ran away because they all wanted to stay together as a family. They asked me if i would adopt all of them four little boys and a one little girl. Then i woke up from my dream.
Liz 2017-03-11 10:12:53
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I had a dream I adopted two boys from an orphanage in Cuba. One boy I returned to his parents in the states he'd been stolen. The othe boy was very sweet and he remained with me.
julia 2016-12-31 14:17:27
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In my dream, I was with this man(unknown) to me, and he was using the washing machine, and he kept looking back at me whilst loading it, in a covert sneaky way, like he didn't trust me or he was simply trying to manipulate my feelings in some way. At the same time I realised I had a see-thru plastic bags with some white cotton/poly cotton shirts in it, that had been partly washed. By this I mean the clothing was very warm, wet and smelt of soapowder.

Then the man said to me, that he was only prepared to partner up with me, if I agreed to adopt a male child. I didn't want to do this, for several reasons, which will become apparent.

He adopted the child, a teenager between the ages of maybe 13-15 years old. He was very kind, and thoughtful, and easy to look after. Really he was very self sufficient. A Social Worker type woman was involved in the process. But the boy didn't like my 'so-called' dream partner., and he said that he's not prepared to be adopted by someone like him(my partner) because it wasn't fair on him(the boy) and neither was it fair on me. The boy & i were sitting at a table & he was holding my hand in a supportive manner when he said this to the social worker.

At first the Social Worker seemed abit put out by this, cos she was bustling abt as we were talking to her. Then she looked at me, as if I'd passed some sort of test, and she hadn't quite foreseen that result. In the end she looked relieved for me, the boy and herself.

I don't know if I ended up adopting the boy or not. All I know is that I felt like I'd done something right for once, and stuck up for myself and someone/something that I really cared about.

In my other dream, I dreamt someone gave me 2 cats to look after, coz there owner was moving away and couldn't or wouldn't take them with him. Although I'm very fond of cats, for some reason I didn't think I'd be up to the job of caring for them. But again, they were real easy to look after, and it was lovely having them around. Although I was slightly suspicious that the man had specifically asked that I should be given them to look after. The Cat Man, is a real person in my neighbourhood and we had a falling-out over a small sum of money which I lent him, and he led me on a merry dance abt paying it back. I never recovered the money, so I stopped speaking to him.
chino 2016-12-27 06:13:16
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at about 4 or 5 am in the morning i dream that i had gotten a baby from a woman that they said was my girlfriend but i only gt d baby and i dreamt myself as i am in my combat uniform as a soldier and was going to bring the baby with me for i was posted at a far in jungle post which i have been to several times however i started to gve my baby milk as it seemed to b hungry need answers
Jennifer 2016-10-28 06:19:00
In my dream life was exactly as it is now... stay at home mom to my 6 year old and 3 year old and 7 months pregnant with our third.. when somehow my hubby and I came to foster a 16 month old boy name keiran who had a disorder which required him to have a vile of blood with a tube connected to his chest.. he was so sweet and always happy we all fell in love with him very quickly. After only a couple weeks we decided we wanted to adopt him... but the whole adoption process was so expensive while we were trying to gather the money we needed to to adopt keiran, he was moved to a different foster family far away... we were absolutely desperate to get him back.. he was our baby and we would have done anything to get him home... but the money was still an issue. .. i woke up before my dream could end... I'm still completely heartbroken. . Even though I know he was just a fictional character in a dream I loved that little boy like one of my own children.!
Itisha 2016-10-19 03:52:20
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I got a dream where - I had adopted a child and the child was dangerous for my family . I was scared in my dream and suddenly woke up.

Please advice
Shondra 2016-07-22 19:28:18
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Need help I have 2 reoccurring dreams the first I'm pregnant go to pick my 2 daughters up and jump off a hug building with my girls I'm falling but when I look for my girls it's just me and my pregnant belly but I never hit the ground I just keep falling dream 2 I go to Africa and adopt 1 daughter but end up with 2 the baby is new born my other daughter is 1 my 1 year old is very clingy she will only go to my mom and won't stay long I started having to these dream at 12 and now at 34 I dream these 2 dreams almost every night

Ana 2016-05-29 19:21:00
I had a dream where I found myself in an unknown place, and there's a lady/man standing in front of me with a baby girl in his/her arms. I have no way of telling if it was an orphanage. When I looked at the baby her eyes spoke to me, and although she was just a baby.. Her eyes had so much maturity in them. It was almost like she was telling me that she belonged to me.
I woke up with tears in my eyes and all I wanted to do was hold her in my arms.
I've had the same dream a couple of times.
I have decided to adopt a baby girl even if I have children of my own in the future.
Jenny 2016-01-22 17:17:28
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I had a dream my boyfriend and I were in his bedroom and my boyfriend was talking to his 23 year old nephew who was kneeling at the end of the bed. While their conversation was going on, I was sitting on the bed with a baby in my arms. This child was a really significant and I'd recognised that in my dream life. The baby was one of my boyfriend's family members child which my boyfriend and I had adopted. This child was an oracle child, child of light with a very seemingly bubbly personality. This child also had ten toes per foot which I realised was a significant part of my dream.

Anyone have an idea what the 20 toes could signify?
Joanne 2015-10-15 11:27:44
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So I have had adoption dreams a few times in my life. Always about finding an abandoned baby at my home and immediately knowing I am now this childs mother. It has been my dream since I was 12 (i am now 25) to adopt an asian girl, something my husband supports and also now wants. So last night I dreamt there were about 10 asian girl babies lying on one side of the bed, and I picked up the first girl and she was sweet and cute. And then I thought let me look at the boy babies on the other side of the bed. I picked up a tiny little one who was about to fall off the bed and turned out to be a girl about 2-3months old. She snuggled me and told me her feet were cold. I held her close trying to warm her and set out to find socks. I immediately was so in love with my child. I look her outside to meet my mother and sister and she also snuggled so sweetly onto my mothers chest. When I woke up I still felt the love for this subconscious child I was so dissapointed it wasn't real. I am sure it is just my desires working in my dreams but it reaffirms how badly I want to adopt. Just 5 more years to wait until I can submit
Emma 2015-07-25 10:18:19
👍 -3 👎
I had a dream just now, I was home alone and then I went outside for a walk or something. Then on my street I found this little boy about 10 months old. He was blonde and he had blue eyes. He didn't have a name because someone had either cruelly left him there or he was taken or got lost, or something. I picked him up and looked around for his parents or someone but the street was empty. The baby, he wasn't crying. He was merely just sitting there quiet and curious, he was looking around. At one point he smiled at me. I never adopted him, he just stayed with me. And he was happy, bit I obviously called the police to search for the baby but they never found them. I woke up.

Even after waking up I feel something about this baby that I just can't figure out and I want to, I feel like this baby exists out there.
Dellie 2015-09-20 16:27:30
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Emma I had the exact same dream!!! But by kid wasn't white he was tan color with dark hair and dark brown eyes! I woke up wanting to hug my baby..... But it was just a dream.. I don't have kids.. And I really want one... I guess maybe I had this dream? But the feeling that I have remembering this dream is something I can't explain<3
Cass 2016-02-20 14:51:23
Oh my gosh Emma and Dellie I literally had the exact same dream!! I really wanna know what it means, I love kids and I've always been drawn to them and told that's what my career path should be, I'm wondering if it's something about that or maybe something got to do with the fact that I myself were abandoned as a toddler.. My little boy was tanned brown hair with big brown eyes and he was a toddler he was so gorgeous though <3
Elizabeth 2015-06-12 12:26:19
👍 +1 👎
I dreamt last night that I found my natural mother. All very surreal
Natalie 2015-05-12 10:00:27
👍 +3 👎
Had a dream I adopted a little girl she was called lillie she was hugging me and told me she was cold, I asked where about was the coldest she said her hands and feet so I said come on then we'll get some new things she runs out I said no Lillie come back inside please and wait for me when I go outside she has disappeared she was a wee redhead and so cute, then it's like I'm a lot older and I've went into hospital some of my teeth fall out and I wake up wondering about lillie and how I want to find out where she is then I see a little boy and decide that I want to adopt him. I have the weirdest dreams ever but I've had this dream before but this is the first time I've ever remembered it
zeina 2015-04-22 16:09:45
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The other night I had a dream I adopted an 8 yr old boy and his name was nishan. I was ecstatic in the dream and loved him and cared for him. I don't have any kids but I really felt like a mother in the dream. I woke up disappointed. I was married for 2 years and recently got divorced we tried to have a child and it never worked. What can my dream mean?
Mary 2015-05-04 17:17:42
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Nishan - an Armenian name, means 'symbol'; we say it Nshan.
Nora 2015-04-21 23:50:55
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I had a short dream a couple of days ago, it was really strange. In my dream a man had held his child in his arms looked up at me when I said the baby was cute. He said he was 1 day old and that his mother left him. He then asked if I wanted to be his new mother and I immediately said yes. In my dream I was happy to be his new mother and I held the baby boy in my arms then the dream ended.

I was just wondering what could this mean? Many thanks for reading this far, have a nice day! 🙂
Kayla 2015-04-20 03:42:55
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The past couple nights I have had a dream that I adopted my cousins baby and named her Mckenzie. I took all rights to the child from my cousin because I didn't want her to have any rights and be able to take her away from me. So I went on a 2.5 hour trip to get this baby from the hospital then my sister, mom, niece, the baby and I went shopping for her after I got her from the hospital. Then I took her to my school to show her off to all the teachers and kids I know. I am 18 years old and in the process of getting my diploma I'm probably not ready to have a baby but whatever God has planned for me I am ready. By the way, my cousin really is pregnant and she lost custody to her other 4 children. My uncle tried to get my dad to adopt her oldest. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if I was asked to take the baby when she is born. But if this does ever happen she will have no contact with the baby at all except for on special occasions, like family reunions.
Meghann 2015-04-09 13:54:36
👍 +4 👎
I just had the worst dream ever. Savannah and I were at a bus station and I saw this little boy running around but I figured his mom was like right there. 10 minutes later his mom still didn't show up so I got suspicious and went and picked him up. His mom had left him there alone. He couldn't of been a little more than a year old. Then Savannah and I took him to the hospital and eventually in the dream I adopted this little boy. And I felt happy in this dream with my little family. Then next thing I know I wake up. It wasn't real. And I don't think I've felt that empty and at a loss for words ever.
Robin 2015-01-27 20:36:19
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I have two grown children and 1 grandchild. In my dream my husband and I went away, maybe a vacation? (don't remember where) but ended up with two children, not babies. They were basically abandoned. My husband and I wanted to help them so we decided to adopt them. They were shape shifters, turned into cats at odd times. We didn't care, decided they needed a family. On the way home I called my family and my husband's family. By time we got to our home both families were there to welcome the children. We were Shepard to see our families, and gladly introduced our adopted children to them. It ended with me talking with one. Just holding her letting her know everything will be fine and that she's home now.
Laina 2014-12-20 02:45:26
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Last night I had a dream me and my mom were in a orphanage and we adopted 2 little boys. I always took care of them and my mom would just be sitting there telling me what to do.

mhie mhie 2014-10-16 06:40:59
last night, i had a dream about carrying a baby, but i felt that the baby boy is not mine,, as if i just adopted him,, and my mother,, very proud of the child even if it's not my real child,, what does this mean??
Reena 2014-09-24 14:52:51
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I had a dream that I had taken in a baby girl because the mother was messed up on drugs and kept abandoning her children. We took care of the baby for quite a while until one day the mother showed up. She was still messed up on drugs and she took the baby away. We called the cops and there was nothing they could do.

I woke up from this dream, crying my eyes out and so upset.
Emily 2014-09-04 16:42:55
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I have 4 kids, my youngest is 2 and we have decided that we are done having kids. Last night I drempt that I was in bed and I missed holding my babies so I asked my husband to go get me my baby. We went to the bathroom and came back with a baby but I told him that it wasn't mine, I didn't look like it could be my baby, so he took the baby back and brought a different one. This went on a bunch of times, each time I sent the baby away. He then brought out 2 Somoan sisters, about 5 and 3 years old. I loved them instantly, though they so not look like my other kids I knew they were mine. I'm white. Then the dreamed transitioned to something else I don't remember. Still not understanding my dream.
Amber 2014-07-21 11:08:36
Last night I dreamed about adopting. Its never been something I thought about or ever wanted. However in my dream I was adopting a baby from a black girl, and I am white myself. I dont know if this symbolizes anything or its just simply details of my dream. Also I remember that when she was in labor that I was not contacted and I was rushing and rushing to gather my things and upset that I hadnt been informed in any way! When I got there, there was a large group (I dont know if it was my family or her family) anyway I saw the baby and it was colored and then the next scene I remember was us rocking the baby on a hammock-like swing and everyone was shouting names and I remember wanting Ella really bad.
Now I am searching why I had this dream and what's its significance.
Mer96 2014-06-22 01:28:37
👍 +5 👎
I had a dream that my aunt had originally found a boy who was a toddler and adopted him. She ended up not wanting him(which would be so like her) so my mom allowed me to take him from her. I just remember being so happy to have him. Actually makes me wish that my mom would adopt!
Millicent 2014-05-26 23:05:43
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I had a dream that my parents adopting a young girl, the only reason I can think of is that I feel pressure to do well being the youngest of four children, and the young girl being someone that the expectation of success was put on to
paola 2014-04-06 20:11:41
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I dreamed that I was taking care of someone else's child. The mother gave up the child and it was mine now and no one knew I was taking care of this child. Funny thing is that I have this dream twice like a continuation of the first one . The second dream I got married but no one knew.... weird is like a secret life..
Moira 2014-01-21 05:24:46
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I had a dream that I had access to an alternative world, like the one described in 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds', but they sky was blue, and the trees were very tall. The people there wanted me because I was like them, and we all had a special mental capacity. I can't remember what it was, but I do remember I realized it was evil, or that I didn't want anything to do with it, and I finally got free. Throughout the dream, there was a little girl named Alice, and like Alice in Wonderland, she had a blue coloured dress. Not like Carrol's Alice though, this dress had no pinafore and didn't fluff out. Nor did it have puffed sleeves, and it was a different shade of blue. I finally earned my freedom but stayed in that world. Before I woke up, I saw Alice running toward me in slow motion, her arms outstretched for a hug, wearing a blue sleevless dress with silver cord around the top and waistlines, and a petaled skirt. I adopted her not because I couldn't have children, but because she was too young to be alone.
lia 2013-11-26 20:34:17
👍 -4 👎
I had a dream that i found an abandond baby on the street, and i adopted him because i couldnt give him up! But im a teenager so... im a bit confused!
Mian Lim 2013-09-26 03:08:27
👍 -3 👎
I actually had a surprising dream, which i adopted a little boy, i dont remeber the name.. He was a naughty kid he loves to play i always used to chase him !! Hahaha! 🙂 Im a pure loner so i wanted companionship or maybe a problem in my lovelife :P thanks this helped me alot..[just=center][/just] 😍

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