Dream Dictionary Affair

Dream Dictionary Affair

When you have a dream where you are cheating on your partner, the first reaction that you have is probably to panic.

Dream Affair
Dream Dictionary Affair, Dreaming of an Affair: What it Means When You Dream of Cheating

Many different dream interpreters that try to mark dreams as images of the future will tell you that this may mean that you are going to cheat on your partner in the future. This may be particularly shocking to those that have healthy romantic and sexual relationships and consciously would not dream of having sex with another person. This is where the fear of subconscious thoughts comes in.

After worrying about the conscious desires that you might be experiencing, you begin to worry if the dream was brought on by subconscious desires. You might think that you are lusting after someone else at the core of your being, someone that you didn’t even know you were lusting after. This becomes even more unsettling for the person that dreamed about the affair because it makes them think that they secretly desire someone else that they know without even being aware of it. You might be surprised to know that the meaning of these dreams is rarely sexual and does not mean that you are harboring any ill will towards your lover.

Of course if you do feel like you are in a bad patch in your relationship or if you feel that the connection between you and your partner is weakening, then you would probably be having dreams about cheating because you do not feel that your relationship goals are being met, you feel that your partner does not appreciate your contribution to the relationship or that you are not being loved. If this is the case for you then this is a perfect reason why you would be having dreams about having an affair and cheating on your partner.

For those that are in happy and healthy relationships though, then the more likely interpretation of your dream is that you are simply bored. This does not mean you are bored of your relationship, it just means you are bored in general. You are seeking new thrills from unexpected sources because your needs in one area are not being met. Try going outdoors and trying new things. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, try getting out more and being more physically active. Give yourself an outlet for change and experience new ways of expressing yourself and of having fun. Living a very physical lifestyle, you might want to try and sit down a bit.

These are just a few general suggestions though. What usually works as a boredom cure for most people is to simply take up a hobby. If you have been thinking about writing the great American novel or picking up a painting class or two at the community college, then do it. Whatever your heart desires, go out there and do it. This will fulfill your need for something to do and change your life for the better, even if it is only by a slight amount.

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