Dream Dictionary Africa

Dream Dictionary Africa

It is important to clear up some of the easier interpretations before the in depth ones begin.

Dream Africa
Dream Dictionary Africa, Dreaming of Africa: What it Means to Dream of the Motherland

When you are very familiar with Africa, or spend a great deal of your time in dealings with Africa, then this means that you will have more immediate memories associated with the place. Because our brains have their strongest connections with our most recent memories, this means that when you go to sleep and dream about Africa, you might just be dreaming about it because it is a place you have been recently. It is a place that is immediately familiar to you, therefore it is something that your mind readily recalls. If this is the case and you live in Africa or spend a good deal of time there, then there is no further reason to discuss the meaning of Africa in your dream. Leave that up to the Americans that have never been to Africa, and yet continue to dream about it every night for no apparent reason.

For those that have no apparent connection to Africa and yet can’t seem to stop dreaming about it, as a dream symbol Africa usually means that you want to return to your roots. It is a well postulated idea that the first man and woman that we can consider as our ancestors actually came from Africa, and it was the descendants of those Africans that migrated across seas and across deserts to disperse themselves throughout the world. Thus, when you dream of Africa it usually means that you are expressing some desire deep within you to return to what was once your home.

This actual desire, in waking life might function as a desire to go back to your childhood home, or to spend some time in the neighborhood you grew up in. However sometimes a dream like this will come up when you have gone through some major life changes. It is not uncommon for adults, particularly males, to have a mid-life crisis and feel that they have changed too much as people. This desire may manifest itself as the desire to return to a certain personality trait.

After doing some self reflecting, for most people it can become majorly evident that they were much different when they were 20, than they are now that they are 50 years old. While this is a normal part of life, and this information comes as a surprise to no one, when you are having dreams about Africa it would mean that you probably have not fully come to terms with your aging yet. You want to feel young at heart again, and you may adjust your actions in order to achieve this end result. Just remember that your peers will begin to question how responsible you are when it becomes evident that you are not taking things quite as seriously as you used to, and are not on the same mental level as them. It is a great idea to try and recapture some of that youthful zeal in order to make your adult life more bearable and fun, but this should not mean that you have to become unbearable for those around you. You are allowed to have fun as long as you recognize where you primary prerogatives lie and know what you need to do to act like a well adjusted and fully functioning adult.

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