Dream Dictionary AIDS

Dream Dictionary AIDS

When you dream that you have the AIDS virus, it means that you feel weak yourself.

Dream AIDS
Dream Dictionary AIDS, Dreaming of AIDS, the Serious Implications of Dreams Involving this STD

This could correspond to feelings of physical weakness and does in many cases. This is especially true for young boys going through puberty where the strength of one child as compared to the physical strength of one of his peers is very important. They judge themselves against one another and this is how they get readouts on which one is the alpha male of the pack, as primal as that may sound. The strongest male in a group is often the leader, whether that is voluntary or involuntary. If you dream that you have AIDS it may mean that you are comparing yourself too strongly to your peers. You need to slow down and think about how much physical strength really matters to you. If there are basic and simple tasks that you are unable to complete because you are out of shape, then you should definitely try to bulk up a bit more. But instead of stressing out about it, the best cure when faced with this scary dream is simply you be proactive and go out there and change things.

Dreaming that you have AIDS can also be a sign of mental weakness. You feel that you aren’t as emotionally strong as you should be. When someone says mean things about you, it cuts to the quick. When you go through something that would be emotionally traumatic to anyone else, you end up feeling twice as bad as anyone else. On top of that you feel as if you are being attacked. Even if people mostly treat you well, you feel as if you are being holed into a spot where you do not feel comfortable. Try gathering up a stronger constitution somehow. Watching some stand-up comedy might help, and self deprecating jokes can be a great way to build up your inner emotional fortitude.

If you dream that your romantic partner from waking life has AIDS then this is no need to panic right away. This does not mean that your partner actually has an STD. However it does signify that something about your relationship is making you feel intensely uncomfortable. Something in the way that your partner treats you is wrong and is not something that you should accept for yourself. You do not deserve to be treated badly even if it is justifiable. You may not even be overtly aware that your significant other is doing anything negative to you. Finding out whether this is true or not is going to be a challenge, but it is also a good test of how healthy your relationship is. Do not let your significant other undermine your decisions or your opinions. Also, do not let your own self worth be affected by the way that they treat you. Know that you are a separate person and you deserve to be treated just as well as anyone else.

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joan konso 2016-12-06 18:41:29
I dreamt my partner having aids and its the truth,

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