Dream Dictionary Airplane Landing

Dream Dictionary Airplane Landing

When you see a plane landing in your dreams, it usually means that you have been successful.

Dream Airplane Landing
Dream Dictionary Airplane Landing, Seeing an Airplane Landing In Your Dreams and What This Means About Your Future

It is symbolic of the completion of a long journey. You have been working at something very hard and you see the goal in sight. This could mean that you have just finished this project that you have been working on or it could mean that you are getting close to the destination and are almost there. These are any of the reasons that you might see your flight landing in the airport.

When you see an airplane landing it can also mean that you have been trying very hard to understand a new point of view. Someone has been talking with you recently and been trying to discuss new viewpoints with you. This is likely an issue that you were highly opinionated on beforehand. Your companion has succeeded in changing your opinion, or at the very least succeeded in making you see their point of view for what it really is. You should count this as a great accomplishment on your part because it is not easy to keep an open mind all of the time. Even if it took you some time to come around to their way of thinking, you have finally done it and this dream is your indication of that.

This airplane landing that you are dreaming about could also represent that you have just completed an entire phase of your life. While a human life cannot be divided accurately into phases and while every day does not seem to feel different than the one before it, it is undeniable that we grow and change just a bit with each and every day, even if it is not immediately perceptible. When you see the plane landing in your dream it lets you know that there was a phase of your life that has been completed. After this dream, start to look at life a little bit differently than you did before. This airplane landing also signifies good luck. You were able to make it to your destination on time and in shape. This means that you have completed the phase of your life successfully and are on a good track to succeed in the future as well.

If you are a passenger in the airplane that is landing, then this means that you had set realistic goals for yourself and were able to meet them. This is a good indication that whatever obstacle you have just passed or whatever landmark you have just crossed was a realistic one for you to set your sights toward. Use this experience to model your future experiences that take place in the same vein. This is also an indication that you are a good judge of your own abilities. You know what level of performance you can expect from yourself and know what challenges you will be able to meet whenever issues come up in the future.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Airplane Landing

jhon 2015-07-19 00:47:52
I dream the air plane lost all meda talking about finally I sow the air plane making loud noiz decended at my home town.
Pls if u know how to interpreted the dream just give me suggest. I was surprise bz 20years since I left my home

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Marth 2014-11-11 04:39:38
I just woke up from a intense dream.
I was in a room with my sister, we were talking about seeing an old friend of our brothers whose name is Googie. She was telling me how she eats when she feels tense or anxious. At that moment the room started going all wonky. I looked out the window. We are on a plane, a jetliner, headed for NY and if's nightime and coming down fast.
I am talkng to the pilot. Things all happening very fast. I soon realize we are in danger of crashing. I realize the pilot is trying to make an emergency landing. It's snowy outside, a town of some sort, looks peaceful, I'm not scared. Miraculously he manages to land us safely. People from the plane including me go outside to see where we are. It's nightime and there's snow on the ground. It's nothing short of a miracle we are safe.Teo men are dragging a dumpster toward a streetlight to read it to see what town we're in. I suggest looking at the lcense plates of the parked cars First plate says Florida, but that isn't where we are. My guess is NY State. A cow appears walking around.
The pilot has passed out in his seat. I try to rouse him He seems in shock and a bit disoriented.
I wake up after that feeling the intense affect of this dream.
I've been sick with strange symptoms that are scaring me and wonder if this is some kind of warning.
That maybe I need to go to the Emrgency Room.

In the dream I am lucid and not scared.
But definitely feeling the intensity of the wobbliness and threat to my feelings of stability.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for listening to my dream.

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Dr iqbal haider 2014-06-08 07:13:52
I am please to learn indication of my dream about landings of planes its great to read this page.

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