Dream Dictionary Airport

Dream Dictionary Airport

When you see an airport in your dreams, surprisingly the true importance of this image is to show the arrivals and departures that occur in life, such as new births, and deaths.

Dream Airport
Dream Dictionary Airport, Airport In Your Dreams: What it Means to Envision an Airport when You Fall to Sleep

If you are in an airport where many of your family and loved ones are getting onto planes, this may mean that you have been considering what would happen if they were to die recently. If you are seeing random departures of people that are of no significance to you then this means that you have probably just had death on the mind. If you see tons of arrivals then you are probably thinking about the future of you and your family. How many kids will you have? How long will your family legacy be and how many members will your family have when you are dead? These might all be questions on your mind that lead you to dream of airports.

When you have a dream about a bustling airport full of people you are probably thinking about your aspirations and future ambitions since this is what it applies to. When you have these kinds of dreams what it usually means is that you have been thinking very much about where your life is headed, where you will be living and working in the next five or ten years. You could be on the eve of a huge change in life, and this dream would also make sense with that interpretation. Maybe you are considering making a large change in your life but you are unsure. The departures in the airport could represent all of the different options you have, the hundreds or thousands of directions that you could take your life in and how equally valid all of them are. When you are in the waking world again you should think of what you want to do with your life, since your subconscious seems to be so preoccupied with your future.

If you are dreaming of being caught in an empty airport, then this usually symbolizes the opposite of the progression and the possibilities that a full airport would offer. This shows abandonment of past plans and that you will probably have to be putting some of your big plans on hold. If you had some major plans that would change your whole life, you will probably have to put these on hold soon because you will find yourself preoccupied with other things in life. This does not mean that you will not be able to pick up where you left off. The most important thing is to remember not to be discouraged. The last thing you want is to sabotage yourself more than you already are. This will dig your hole deeper than it already is and just make things more difficult than they need to be. Instead, try to stay content with where you are at and make plans to get out of the predicament.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Airport

Snoz 2016-06-15 02:54:01
Very interesting! Last night I dreamed about nearly missing my plane in a busy airport, but I made it last minute.
Today we are having a meeting at work, to find out if the vompany gets shut down. If I lose this job, I was actually considering applying at the local airport.

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Tower88 2016-02-04 10:04:26
I had a dream where I got a security job out in china but it was involved working with the US Military I was only supposed to be there for a month I was told to bring my own gun but it was just for my own protection. The military flew me there and told me no to bring my passport well things went bad on the last day of month in my dream the military told us if something goes wrong out there if we can't meet up you are responsible to find your own way home and well I was left behind I ended up calling a close friend of my that is in the army to pick me up and in the dream she came through and came to china to get me I had to sell my AR15 for money so I can buy me a plane ticket back to the U.S. thing is when I got to the airport as I was buying our tickets I remembered I left my passport back home and 2nd even if I did have it on me it was expired then out of nowhere a female worker from the airport kept giving my friend dirty looks and for some reason they wanted to fight each other ( I have no idea why but then again dreams are stranges right ) well while all that was going on the only thing I was thinking about getting home and for being a airport it was empty it was just me my friend and 3 of the airport workers and 1 man behind us, well that's when I woke up this dream felt very real as well and this was the 1st time I dreamt of a airport.

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