Dream Dictionary Amputation

Dream Dictionary Amputation

Dreams of amputation are some of the worst hat you can have because they are usually terrifying and are indicative of severe trauma that you are going through in your waking life in your own mind.

Dream Amputation
Dream Dictionary Amputation, Dreaming of Amputation and the Meaning Behind It

When you have a dream where some of your limbs are amputated, regardless of which one it is, this usually signifies that you are starting to lose some of the talents and capabilities that you were once so good at. You feel as if both your body and your mind have been failing you lately, and along with this comes a latent sense of helplessness, like there is nothing you can do to stop the poor consequences you are experiencing for actions that you did not even know were wrong.

The feeling of losing your talents is a sad one, but as any artist or performer or entertainer or sportsman will tell you, no matter what their field of expertise, the universal answer to a loss of skill, is an increase in practice sessions. If you feel like you are suddenly unable to control yourself or unable to schedule in practices anymore then you need to start to cut out other areas of your life and make other sacrifices if you want to maintain your talent. If Tony Hawk decided that he didn’t want to skateboard anymore and that he would rather spend time with friends drinking, or trying to pick up girls, he would never be where he is today. The honing of a craft takes practice, and just because you are in a rut right now does not mean that you can’t just crawl right out of it when you feel ready.

Be willing to put in the effort to get better at something, and you will soon find that you have the skills after just a little bit of practice. It may be unfair that you are losing your skill in a certain area, but you need to practice or else this is just what will happen, plain and simple.

Alternatively sometimes the limbs that are being amputated become important to interpretation. Are you having a dream about your arms being amputated? Then this means that you are probably in a situation where you feel completely powerless. Something is going on that you don’t like, but you are unable to stop it. You are stripped of all power that you might have had to control a situation.

When you have a dream that your legs are being amputated, then this means that you feel that you are either stuck, or unable to control the progression of your life. You cannot move forward and you cannot even regress. You are directionless and unable to make even simple changes. You can only sit back and watch while others continue on with their lives and you are stuck in mire. Usually, this is a thought that comes along with intense depression, which is something you might be experiencing if you constantly have thoughts like this. Try to seek help from a professional psychologist or from a trusted friend.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Amputation

Terry 2018-01-03 07:30:23
I had a dream where I met an amputee. An elderly woman. Her left leg was amputated just below the knee.

The interpretation would surely change from the leg amputation listed above (one's own) or would it?

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jeanne 2015-10-28 05:39:39
I had a dream last night that one of the doctors I work for. I amputated his arm off and dreamt about two coworkers. They were not doing anything. Dr. Ricci had an a mechanical arm. I saw it so clearly.

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Teasha 2015-09-26 17:28:33
I had a dream last night that my 1 year old sons foot got cut off. In the dream i called my mom and asked what happened, and she said he cut his foot really bad and had to be taken to the hospital at the hospital they amputated his foot. I really want to know what this means i cant get it out of my head

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Suzy 2014-10-20 10:09:25
The part about "cutting out other parts of your life to focus more on practising what you love" doesn't always apply. I've had the amputation dream, where I lose both my arms. I think I know what it's about. I've had chronic pain in my shoulder now for over 7 years which gets worse and worse. The use of painkillers led to me getting a stomach ulcer, so I can't use those anymore. The pain keeps me from doing my work properly, which is my passion. I don't think practise would make a difference here.

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Becca 2014-11-12 16:04:51
My gut feeling is that your amputation dream is not as simple as 'you have had amputation dreams and your shoulder pain is now causing you to be unable to do your work properly. The interpretation that is used here about working harder at your skill is necessary and it is necessar that you work More more more at your skill/craft to do better or as well as you once had. Ok so that being said you are truly feeling this pain in your shoulder and cannot help it through traditional medications. There are a great number of alternatives. And alternitives that are never ending. From accupuncture to physical therapy (which insurance can cover much of the time), and meditation, plus a zillion more. SO never give up this pain, hold it and work on it if lots lof love, give it all you have. Love your shoulder pain.

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Nat 2014-05-31 01:33:05
once again, I had an amputation dream with a twist. I'm struggling to find any information on it as all the dream dictionaries only provide interpretations for amputation of self.

I had an incredibly disturbing dream about my ex partner. I dreamt that he had been fully amputated. Both arms and both legs. I carried him in a suitcase to an unknown building and offered him my own legs to replace his but he would not take them. A stranger then provided him with his own, to which my partner was incredibly ungrateful. I amputated the strangers legs and operated to attach them to my partner. Oddly, bar the stranger, myself and my ex partner, my mother was the only other person within the dream. As I still have strong feelings for said ex partner I found this dream particularly disturbing and have desperately tried to interpret what it could possibly mean.

Any help would be appreciated.

Currently my interpretation stands that my subconscious mind is a f*cking nutter.

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Jen 2011-11-06 11:19:02
I've had the amputation dream but with a twist. I believe the person getting their legs amputated due to an accident is someone I knew over a decade ago but after the amputation, I see the person is my toddler son. Does that change the interpretation?

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