Dream Dictionary Android

Dream Dictionary Android

When you see and android in your dreams, this usually means that you feel that you have lost some of the feelings that make you intrinsically human.

Dream Android
Dream Dictionary Android, Seeing Robots Left and Right: What it Means to see an Android in Your Dreams

You feel like you are just going through the motions in life, or like you are just an extra in an autobiographical script written about someone else. These are dangerous thoughts and are some of the main descriptors used to diagnose clinical depression. Do not let yourself fall under your own spell. Allow yourself to not have to think about all of those things that make you depressed in life. Instead concentrate on the things that make you feel good. This may be extra hard to do, especially for those in a state where they don’t feel like they have much to live for anymore. Again though, these feelings will have no power if you allow them to have no power. Do not get overcome by depression.

Take the coming of the robot dream as a sign that you need to seek out more positive choices and more positivity in general. If you have had to do something that you hate or have been forced to participate in some action that you do not like doing specifically for making money or for supporting a lifestyle that you do not like, then this means it is time for drastic change. Sure it may sound like the end of the world if you don’t meet goals that you set up for yourself, but it isn’t. In the end if it leads to more happiness for you, then this was successful and it is all that matters. Seek professional help if you can do nothing else. Sometimes it can be all the help in the world to just have someone to talk to about important issues in your life.

Alternatively another meaning of dreaming of androids is that you feel as if you have been robotic lately. The decisions that you are making are all at the behest of someone else and are not actually supported by you. You do not feel in control of your actions because others dictate them. This kind of dream is the symptom of a bad or boring job usually. This might mean it is time to seek employment somewhere else. If you cannot afford to quit your job then another solution would be to see if you can ask to be given different duties at the work place just to give you some variety of action. Another meaning of this dream that is along the same lines might be that you do not feel that you can make your own decisions. Other entities around you are charting the course of your life while you are being given no say in the proceedings. If you feel like this is true for you then you need to stand up for yourself and assert your ideas so that people stop trying to control you and take advantage of you.

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